Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One World One Dream!

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ~~

Wohoo...It's so excited that finally the long waited olympic games is about to begin.Hahaz...lately I was so boring,how I wish that the Olympic game will start today!If it starts today,then I can watch the opening ceremony,then watch the games...Especially the badminton!Hoho...although China host this year,but I still hope that Malaysian badminton player can beat China player,and it will be quite a result if Lee Choong Wei beats Lin Dan to win the gold medal.Hahahaz...and also TBH n KKK win the gold medal.It will be quite a ineteresting match to watch.

However,I do think it will be the most successful Olympic games this year.The construction of the "Bird Nest" was spectacular.It was designed by a switzerland architecture and now his dream comes true.I'm truly amazed of thier spirit to finish up thier construction.It's simply amazing!

I will go wild jumping up and down if I can be there.Taking lot and lot of photos...huhu...

These mascots let me think of one people..
which I will never forget for the rest of my life...

A mature look,
yet acting was quite childish;
A patient look,
yet hot-tempered at times;
A "I care nobody" type look,
yet understanding and friendly;
A late "kaki" look,
yet sleep so early than me;
A book-worm look,
yet sometimes get tempted by entertainment;
A quiet look,
yet quite talkative at times;

He is no other but....


Those people who know him,will know that he likes that mascots so much.He even brings one of the mascots with him during classes.And you know what,every mascots means something.....

OUCH,I can sense that I couldn't say more,or else I will get beaten!!

Anyway,the theme of this year olympic game " One World One Dream "

Nice theme!
Every world have it's dream..
Every people too have thier own dream...
I wish my dream will come true....
So do i wish for everyone...

Have a nice day everyone!:)

~ Chee Yang ~