Sunday, July 13, 2008

Disgusting Haircut!

Yo,howdy?How is everyone doing?Well,I'm back to my alor star again.Nice to be back again,hahahaz..because home is a heaven right?For me,yea...Moreover,during my trip back,got "someone" so special brought me back lor...woooo...made me so happy!Hahaha..Lols,who are you thinking wor?Aiya...actually she is my friend la..aiyo,why you think so much?Hahahaz...just kidding!

Actually,to be home honestly,the feel is quite nice.However,I'm not satisfied with one thing this week.THAT IS MY HAIRCUT!Argh..My haircut....sooooooooooooooooo......ugly,disgusting,bad,shit etc. haish haish,totally the worst haircut i had!

Initially,I want to change my hairstyle,because I have been going to the same barber shop and I wanted to change a bit this time around.So,I asked my mum to bring me some other place.Then,my dad suggested me to go to Red2 & Ken(dunno it's right anot) at pacific.

So,my mum brought me there to have a haircut.When i went there,I was excited,because I wanted to have a better looking haircut.When I entered there,then a lady served me...and later on she was the one who cut my hair(SO UNFORTUNATE).When she started to cut my hair,I have faith on her that she will be able to do the right job.SO UNFORTUNATE,no no no!!!As she cut n cut n cut,my hair getting short n short n short,n I sense d something wrong ady.That time I was not wearing spectacles,so I couldnt see it clearly.But when she finished cutting...nightmare came!!!!WTH!?SO UGLY!You know what my mum said? "You looked like a punk!"

Argh...i agreed!But I did not say anything...When I got back home,I was sooooo dissapointed and sooooo regret that I went to that shop!!But "nasi sudah menjadi bubur"....

The next day(which is today)...I still couldnt tahan with my haircut,so I went back to the old shop I used to go to "renovate" my hair.Now looked a little bit better,but it is so short TT....I'm so regret now!Sniff sniff!!!

To my lovely friends:
Do you have any recommendation of the place where I can get a good haircut in penang?Argh,I really beh tong ady!!If you have a good recommendation,please recommend me!I will thank you so much...

~ Chee Yang ~


ultraultimateosq said...

I wanna see your hairstyle. Same like your pictures during secondary school one? Be happy with your new short hairstyle. Maybe it will suit you well however you don't like it.vyjz