Sunday, June 21, 2009

Underwear Commercial

Haha,out of nothing,I found out his video suddenly. It's quite fun when I watch back this video,it's really funny lar thinking back of this "commercial".It's taken in INTI penang, and it's one of our ESL assignment. We came out with our little "Renoma" underwear commercial. Well,what's about? Why dun you click the "play" and check it out!?

Emo Day!?

Yay,finally I have time to update my blog ady,hahaha...
So happy lehz,thanks to TSY la actually,asked me update my blog..

Anyway,today I don't know what happened to me lehz..
Felt so emo today,hmm...don't have mood to study at all,although test is coming..
Haish,need to slap myself,and wake up dy!
Nevermind la,I know myself,it only happens for 1 night.When i wake up tomorrow,everything will be fine.Hahaha...
No more EMO!!!

Anyway,wanna share with you guys what I have been doing lately:
Well,I will kick off with the Youth Camp 4,organised by STACT Club.
Fist time participated in the Youth Camp, quite fun actually,because I participated as a facilitator. The group I lead that camp was "Green Days". All the campers are very cute lar, especially Sock Ying and Li Guan.Haish,then others also very smart and handsome, like the picture below:

The camp is really fun, and to actually lead 12 form 4 & form 5 campers are not easy.Hahahaz..but then they are really good and obedient,and my group leader got the best leader lehz. A good faci brings a good leader ahr! =P
After Youth Camp, of course there are still many events going around. But dn worry, there are time for playing also. Like this picture, one of my RC's friends is taking part in a singing competition. Then we went to support him. This is the people who went to support him, and very sampat wan lar! In front of the stage, everypeople is so nervous about the performances, and we are playing with camera. Damn Sampat la!

After that, we had our "回乡",which means going back to the place where we had our rural camp last time.This is the event which I was most looking forward to. This is because this camp brought me a lot of memories. Of course, I wanna meet all the campers again. This is one of the picture taken.

Then of course my k-sis did come. The one to my right is one of my k-sis,named YY.Haha,then the most right one is Yong bin, with his k-sis on his left.Coincidencely,my k-sis and yong bin's k-sis are sibling wo.Wakakaz,complicated relationship lehz?Hmm...and you know what,everytime when we took photo,someone will always disrupt us!I don't know who is that "someone",do u know him!?
This is the 8 people who organised the "回乡",and we had been putting a lot of effort in this event. "八仙" is what we called for this 8 people.Can you spot me!?Sure u can,right!?

Back to INTI, recently something makes me very irritated. In this picture,do you see something hazy in front there?You may ask is it mist or something!?But let me tell you,no!!This is what happened after fogging. Oh I absolutely hate fogging,especially during dinner time.Why not they do it during morning time, where most of the people are not around?I don't know,i felt someone should complained about's really affecting people's health, although it helps to kill Aaedes mosquitoes.
And oh ya, recently I fell sick!Haish, I hate to be sick, everything I cannot eat,and I feel so helpless,can't go to class,can't shower,can't do anything but sleep and take medication.So,immune system,please help me to defend all type of diseases!!Be strong!

Ok,I will stop here,be sure to wait for more blogs...=)