Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eventful day

Hey ya,here I'm to bring another entry again..=)

I woke up pretty early today,get myself ready,and off we go for our breakfast.
We went to have dim sum with my family.
I love the dim sum there,so many choices.But dim sum are damn expensive lar!!1 breakfast RM 60++ @@

After breakfast,my dad fetched my bro,cousin and me to Keat Hwa K primary school for a
Charity Food Sales. The people are so damn many as the sun rise higher. So hard to move, and the place where people buy the food is so damn hot lar. My mum stall sold the dessert (甜品),so I went there "kacau".

After a while,my cousin and bro shopped the food and bought ice-kacang.So,I went to collect some "taxes" lar of course.Hahaz..and this time something amazing happened.When I pass through a stall where it sold the delicacies,I saw a very familiar face.I was so shocked,but after "adjusting my spectacles" a little while,lolz,just a xiu mui mui with a face that look almost like a friend of mine.I did have a crazy thought for a moment: Get handphone number from her!Oh My God,don't know why I have that thought!But then,I went to collect my taxes. =.= (feel cold?)

Below are some pictures taken when I was eating the ice-kacang.

After finished the food sales, we went back home. Then,my bro opened that G.I.Joe movie,so my cousin,bro and I watched it.I watched for the fifth time ady,OMG!Even I can memorise their dialouge ady.But not long after that,uncle and aunt came to fetch my cousin home,and off they go.After they leave,my bro went to his friend's home and left me alone at home. What to do? DOTA! xD
Later in the night,we had a dinner. We went to fetch my grandparent first before going to the destination. It's my aunt's brother wedding.

Haven't attend dinner for quite some time ady,so i felt that the 8 coursemeal were quite nice actually.But my family said that the meal were not nice?How come I felt everything was nice?
Hmm?Still can't an explanation lehz..
But nevermind la,finished dinner,fetched my grandparent home.My grandparent lived together with my uncle and aunt.But when we arrived at my grandparent's home,my uncle n aunt haven't arrive yet.So it's pity to leave my grandparent there..aiks..just two of them in the home~felt like accompanying with them until uncle & aunt reached back home.
We went back home and here come my routine again. Watch tv > online (which is what I'm doing now xP)

Friday, November 13, 2009

A half-day of voluntary work.

Heyy..suprisingly,today I'm here to write another blog entry.Haha,2 days consecutive write blog.Is it an achievement?Haha..should celebrate right?xP Anyway,feel like writing blog these few days, I'm for another entry.

Well,today woke up early in the morning,had my breakfast,my dad and I went to Keat Hwa II High School for a voluntary work.Erm,it's like helping out in a ceremony,don't know exactly how to explain it.Oh,there are 3 masters came from Taiwan,China & Bhutan, and they are here today to talk about the true meaning of Buddha and other thing.

We reached there aroung 9 something. It's quite early actually,but then we thought we may go there and help up something.But we realise that the helper are so many that we didn't even know what to help up.In the end,my dad & I sat on a bench, pressing handphone =.=..haih!!!And in the end,my dad called me to go back first cause we are like so stupid there. So I went back,had some sleep,before I went to fetch my bro from school. He had graduation day today,and that's the end of his primary school days (mine are long long time ago). Both of us went to take our lunch at a stall,and I fetched him back before I went back to that ceremony again.

I reached there again at 2pm~and the masters were not there yet!!So we waited,until 2.30pm,and they arrived.So we have a few praving sessions,before the talk started.Wow,first time attended this kind of talk,and then had to read some prayer,felt so fresh.Hahaz..but can be quite boring sometimes..cause I'm alone there hearing the talk.My dad went to help up on other things ady.

Then,we had our break around 5.30pm..I accompanied my dad,before we went back at 6pm!When we arrived home,the dinner was almost served.Gosh,thanks mum,because I'm damn hungry ady!!Had a very good dinner...loving it ^^

After dinner and bath, I came to my little laptop,had a little practice on my TOEFL (going to take toefl this december,at penang).After that,opened my msn chat with friends,and start filling the application form of the universities I had chosen. The application form is so damn complicated lar,haih...need to fill in so many things..In the end,I saved my application form and closed it when it came to the personal statement part.Hahahaz...

Well,and here I'm now typing my blog,gonna off soon...later morning gonna go Keat Hwa K school for a chatiry sales. Wait for more entry wo ^^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm back!

Fuuuu~~~ clearing the spider web..
Shooshh~~~chasing away the mouse and cockroaches.
And sweeping away the DUST!!!

Yeap,that's the story for my blog nowadays.
Haven't touch it for quite some MONTHS ady(not days or weeks),breeding mice of cockroach,creating spider webs around..

But here I'm today to clear all those things,cause I'm back to my blog!Hahaha~
Sorry to all my faithful readers,felt I disappointed you all,cause everytime when you all came here with a hope of keeping yourself updated on what's happening around me,and in the end what you see is the same,not-up-to-date blog.But no worry,here I'm to break the ice~~

Hmm...where should I start?
Well,let me just update on myself these few days.I'm now back to Alor Star,finished my fourth semester in INTI-UC.Next sem will be last sem at INTI,before I fly to US.Quite bored actually at home,but then I'm happy to be home.At least I can enjoy all those spectacular,nice,sweetest food at my town.Then,meet up with my family,and friends.Oh,looking forward to this month too cause I'm going overseas,haha...

As I said,I just finished my fourth semester.That semester was an enjoyable sem.I don't know why,I just love that sem.Maybe because of short sem,and there are a lot of crazy moments together,trips...etc.And my birthday was celebrated on that sem too,so for those who haven't wish me happy birthday,well I accept late wishes,so 55 text me or drop a comment here to wish me ya~Haha...

If you want me to update what's happening on that sem,then I think I will need a day to write it.So if you want to know,just ask me personally.But then I can tell you,I enjoyed the sem very much.And now I'm 19,teenage years almost over d T_T..haih..

Well,that's it for today,I will try my best to update the blog every week. =)