Sunday, October 19, 2008


Welcome myself to start writing blog again, have been busy with projects lately..
& of course, welcome my dear readers =)

Nowadays, I love weekend very much. This is because I can pull off my entire pressure temporary, and then try to enjoy as much as I can. But so sad, it is Sunday today, and tomorrow there will be classes again.

Anyway, today I’m going to share a topic with you guys, entitled “Regret”.


This is what I write on my personal message (MSN).
You must be wondering what I am regretting.
Not doing well at exam?
Nope. There is nothing to do with study, but something related to loving relationship.
I remembered there is once I SMS a person. I cannot remember what the full content of that SMS is but the idea will be as follow:
Yes, this was what I said.
If you like a people, go ahead; tell her/him what you feel. If you don’t, then you will regret for the rest of your life.
Last time, I don’t give myself any regret.
But now, I do!
Middle of this year, I discovered that I like a people (DON’T BE SURPRISED PEOPLE!). However, I don’t have that guts to tell her how I feel, I delay…until the chance flies by. When I heard “something” from her, my heart told me à Give up.
Then, I rightly do so.
As time flies by, I treat her as good friend, and not to think other things anymore.
Nevertheless, recently I found out something surprise.
She likes me also!?
I don’t know whether I interpret it right or wrong. But when I think about it, I start to regret.
What if I was bold enough to EXPRESS MYSELF!? It may be very different today.
However, like I say, I regret. This is because the things which have passed, you can’t take it back anymore.
Anyway, I will not let myself unhappy because of this matter.
This is because there may be better things which are arranged ahead, right!?(自我安慰,haha…)


BUT, dear readers..
If you do have any people you like now, please tell her/him how you feel. Who knows he or she likes you too!? Please do not miss your chance. 机会只有一次,千万别错过了!
Hope this blog will open your mind a bit…=)

~ Chee Yang ~