Sunday, May 30, 2010


12 days to go (30/05/2010)

I'm excited on this coming World Cup. Everytime I watched TV, many advertisement will sometimes related their product to football. Most of the people are going football fever..including me..Now with Astro HD,watching football is even more enjoying xD

Well,my favourite team > England!!! Hope england can get thier second world cup medal and trophy after a long wait since 1966. It's been 44 years...and they should end thier thirst now under Capello lead.

Basically if I will to choose the starting 11 for England,this will be my staring 11:

My England starting 11: Green...G.Johnson...Terry....Ferdinand...A. Cole...Barry(if he fits)/Gerrard...Lennon...Lampard...J.Cole...Crouch...Rooney.

Anyway,all the best to all the teams that are going to S.A.

Champion I predict will be either Brazil or Spain and team to watch are England,Spain,Italy,Germany,Argentina,France,Netherland.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just a short entry today...

Ya lar...these few days may be busy because I want to settle my visa application, air ticket booking and scholarship application. After everything is done, then I will be more free to update more here..

Actually I have many things to share here, but every night when I have partially finished doing my thing, it's already quite late and I am sleepy, therefore, too bad lar...

But I will keep track of my blog lar, since I will online everyday...

Don't worry, I will not disappear from my blog anymore xD xD xD..
P/S: Wesak Day case I may not have time to update any entry in the next few days...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Money($$): All That Matters


Yep exactly,I am quite stressful right now.Well,now i realised,money is such a mighty,yet scariest thing in this planet.As the famous chinese saying goes~ 有钱不能买到一切,没钱什么也买不到. Money has been the most important thing for mankind. By everyday,every hour,every minute or even down to every second,there is a high probability that people around the world are in deep worry of thier financial position. The downslope of the world economy made things even worse..people get unemployed,inflation happens,value of money decreases by every year etc. > not having more money makes life really hard!

My last semester at INTI really made me realised,I mean really a bid realised of how important money was to me and everyone.Without money,you are left to be hungry,left to stay at room more,left to be stingy and more..Well,the car accident happened to me (I believe most people don't know about it) really left a big impact on myself. I have to paid on the damage, which is a huge amount for a student. By that moment, I didn't know how to collect that sum of money. I knew I can solved that problem easily by asking it from my parents,but I knew how hard my parents has to earn money everyday,so I tried my best not to ask from them.But I failed,and eventually I still have bite on my lips and ask from them.

After that damage fees was paid,I was left penniless.I supposed to share the damge fees 50-50 with my friends, but then I knew I was the one that was responsible for that accident.So I just took 1/3 from my friends and I had to take the other 2/3.I didn't tell my parents about it,and therefore I have to endure with hunger for almost a month. (Skip breakfast,not going for lunch sometimes,and eat not more than RM5 during dinner time)

Money can be an angel,but when you turn against it,it can be a devil.Now I scratch hard on my head by looking how money flow out everyday.As you all know,I am going to United State for my continued tertiary study.Therefor,a lot of money was needed by my parents to send me out.To reveal how scary the expenses is (even before flying to US), let's see:

Expenses paid before flying off to US:
Application fees : 150USD (RM495)
Courrier fees : RM100
Toefl score report: 40USD (RM132)
Acceptance fees: 250USD (RM 825)
SEVIS fees: 200USD (RM 660)
Visa application fees: 140USD (RM462)
Miscellaneuous: RM50
TOTAL: RM 2724!!

Expenses estimated at US:
35K USD per academic year.

SH*T!!Before I could go touch down on US,I have already paid that amount!Walao...I seriously gonna faint,but I think my parent gonna faint before me!!So really lar...have to search for more scholarships before I go there...ANYONE CAN HELP UP!?eheh..


Monday, May 24, 2010

Recapitulation (Nov 09'-May 10')

Okay...6 months of rust here,and here I'm to clean up and do some recap what has been happening around me.It's really a brief summary of my disappearance here...and we kick start with the trip to Perth,Australia. =)

And yep,I went to Australia with my cousins,family,uncle and aunt. It's been a great trip because this was the first time I got to go so far, and the weather there was awesome.I liked it so much...its much like the genting weather,maybe a bit colder. Moreoever,went with cousins is another bonus, because we can share so much fun there. To make things even fun, we actually went there with no GPS, no experience and no guide. We rented a car and with a little homework done at home and some info on hand, there we go to various places, and it's been a great trip, really!!Well, the highlight of the trip should be the day at Albany I think. To drink some wine and enjoy an awesome dinner under a chilling weather, oh dear....that's so wonderful.
2010..back to INTI for my last semester.It's been a lot of ups and downs in this semester.Well,I have burnt a lot of money in this semester,and I have enjoyed a lot of trips in this semester too.So it actually cancelled off each other.Hahaha,but then I really learnt a lot of lessons. What was it? Well,I better don't mention it.Hahaha...and I knew even more friends in this sem..Being class rep in the MUS105 class was really the "proudest" thing within the 5 semesters. And like the photo shows,I got to go a lot of places at KL with different people.Well,the person with black shirt will always be one of the participant..don't worry xD
Dak dong qiang...dong qiang,dong qiang..CNY was coming..and I had a steamboat dinner with my coursemates. We held it at Cheng Kee's house,and it was quite nice actually.Really thanks to Yuek See,Cheng Kee,Wilson,Tze Hou,Peei Yoong & Wai Quai for the attendance that day...we really had a great sem!ESP: The Bio Class with WQ,TH,Wilson xD
And the Chinese New Year arrived..sadly,I will be having my last CNY at home for the coming few years...By looking at this picture,I am sure I am gonna miss home badly during next CNY angpau ain't got bigger though xD xD...
Ahhh..talking about this photo,I remembered I skipped public speaking class just to go for cycling at the Putrajaya's Botanical Garden with Peei Yoong, Wilson & Wai Quai. The cycling was really fun...thanks Wilson for recommending this place.I never knew this place until he brought me there...BUT,it was quite tiring...
MUS105 class!Haha...classic really,because the lecturer-Ms. Lee was really a fussy person.When she was not in a good mood,believe me,you will not want to offend her.And she is not a person that is easily to being her class rep,was quite stressful at times..But of course,I enjoyed some priviledge too,such as being the first person to choose the music concert ticket, being able to fix her laptop, and being FIRST PERSON TO START THE PRESENTATION. Hehe..nice experience la being in this class...Miss it so much now =)
And this,Ah Jian's Birthday at 15th of March.It's great that everyone were able to celebrate with him. Happy 20th birthday Boon Jian and all the best in your study at Australia ya..
Ahh...this photo was taken after a futsal game.Yeeppp...we always hang out together for basketball,not so much for futsal anyway.
Awwww...I am sure you guys know what place is this right?Yep,clubbing!And I had my first experience at Opera,Sunway.I have always wanted to go for clubbing at least once,and this semester,my wish was granted.I went with Ruey,Jason,Chao Yuan,Kok Hoe,Boon Jian,Ian,Sze Jing,Jonathan,Bryan and Camee.It's nice to go with them together...Too bad we had a little problem with the venue...I will be greater if we went to M.O.S!!
Extreme outing...yes indeed!!Our intention that day(shown by this photo) was to celebrate Bala belated's birthday.But it turned out to be an extreme outing.We went out at 8am and came back at 7am the next day.23 hours!?OMG...the places we went were 1-U>I-city>Say Khuan house>Genting>back to INTI.I will like to try again however...Like the "Oh Bek SOOM" and truth or dare at genting!!
No wild guess's my room! xD Now it's bye bye to this room...=(
Long-anticipated redang trip after a torturing final...We-7 is better than one stayed at redang for 3 days 2 nights.Personally,I love this trip,a lot!
Day after my redang trip,we went to chiooong K at Seremban 2 Jusco.Wooo...another enjoyable day.It's like a farewell to me..and certainly I'm miss 13 gang badly..T.T
"No Brain"..."Pangsai"...I love Langkawi.Yap,went to langkawi with Chao Yuan,Xiao Hui,Fion,Jason and Boon Jian.'Maybe 'that's the last trip with them...
And that sum up what I have been doing...Well of course I didn't mention all those small details here,or else,I will need at least a day or two to post this entry.xD
It's late!That's all for me today...and hope to give more entry here =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm back

Thanks to Mean Han,Weei Foong,Jing Yi,Wan Yen and others that keep reminding me of update my blog,here I am to update and enter a new entry. SUPRISED!SUPRISED! I'm back to blog again...xD

Last blog update > November 14,2009

Today's update > May 22, 2010

WOW!If i don't refer back...I will not realise that I have not update for almost half year ady.Shameful lar...=( A bit rusty...but no worries,here I'm...back again to feed my blog with new update of myself,constant tracking of new comments, more, more and MORE!

But really lar,the biggest thank you have to go to Weei Foong,because everytime she reminds me of how she updates her blog everyday,then I feel a sense of guilty.She is really hardworking lar,worth a round of applause...***applause*** ♥ ♥ ♥ ...

Hmm...well,time flies...In less than 3 month times,I will be going to United state for my continued tertiary study > University Of Iowa. A brief update of myself: I have finished my five-semester study in American Degree Transfer Program at INTI University Collegem, Nilai. Now I'm having a 3 month semester break before transfer to US for the remaining 2-2.5 years there. As you all know, I will be majoring in Actuarial Science,and by going US,my main challenge will therefore arrive. Gooooood luck to me xD

P/S: Not forgetting other people too. Good luck to all my friends that are flying to US too...fight together ya =)
Ok...time to dinner...but don't worry,I will try to do some recap of what has been happening for the past 6 months ^^ Be sure to catch up with me ya...(LOLZ,sounds like ads)