Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving Out From Old House


I'm back again to write another lame blog..
Just finished chatting with Shiong Qi..
Aiks,another lame friend(hahaha....joking lar,dun so perasan!)
After today,i will seldom online ady,because I'm moving out from old house ady,so gotta detach my wireless tomorrow!>.<

Well,moving out from old house...actually...feel quite sad..
Because I have staying at my old house for more than 18 years ady..
Since the first time I get into this world,besides hospital,the first place I came to visit,is my old house.
So,there is a bond between me and this house...
LOL,it seems a bit mad where relationship can be build up between me and a non-living thing..
But it did happened!
HAHA...I'm gotta miss my bedroom,miss my computer room,miss my kitchen,miss my living room,miss the place where I'm playing my laptop now...
Argh...and for all the memories I had in this old house...OHNO...tat's too much to remember.
Now it's really gone..gone..gone..

Just now i spent some time with my mum,wrapping up all the drawing hanging on the wall,then bit by bit,all the things in my old house,are now in the box.
And by friday,all the things will be in the box,and I can't imagine how it will be when we hand our house key to the new owner of this house T.T....
Oh no!I'm gonna miss my old house....

Well,old gone,new will come...
I'm gonna moving into new house.
That's the positive thing I can think bedroom,new environment,everything is NEW!NEW LIFE!
However,I will only stay in my new house for 2-3 days.
This is because the time we move in,it's early of January.
That time I will be ready to go back to Nilai ady...

View from the back of my old house.



~ Chee Yang ~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Babysitter Week

Lately there is nothing to blog..
But then,mum and dad are busy for our new house.
Then,I have to take care of my 2 cousins and brother home.
Every afternoon,I have to buy lunch for them,bring them for a walk,play with them..
Feels like babysitter...LOLZ!

But nevermind,actually being a babysitter is quite good.
Why!?Maybe can learn to be more independent!?

Anyway,Weei Foong & Wan Lu leaving penang ady,too bad I can't have acc them to airport.
Never meet them since June I think...quite miss them actually.
Not only them,but all the penang friends.
After that fishmarket farewell,we havent been meet.

As I said,nothing to blog this time...
So lets hope I find something to blog in next few days...=)

~ Chee Yang ~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Full Stop For My Sickness Finally


It's should be a full stop for my 6-days long sickness.
It's suffering when you get 4 in 1 sicknesses.
4 includes:
- Sorethroat (hate the most,can't eat the thing I want to eat!!!!!)
- Fever (Make me 3 days of nightmare)
- Flu (Breathless)
- Cough (Having asthma people)

And somemore,the weather here at Alor Star HOT LIKE SHIT!
Even I'm sweating now when I'm typing this blog entry,zz...

It's Full stop ady..
Time to eat the thing I want to eat..
Play the thing I want to play..
Find the job I want to do..
Find my friends I want to meet...


~ Chee Yang ~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trip To Tampin,Genting,Malacca

Our journey starts with bus to TAMPIN!Jason playing phone & Say Khuan playing pc.

I was so boring on the bus,somemore raining...zZz
Finally reached Tampin --> Jason's house. Jason watching TV i think! ^^

People watching tv,some people play pc pulak.Swt la Say Khuan!

Play dota...zZz...Dota gamers,guess which hero he is using!?

Our food to genting.LOL,buy so many things,just to save our food money during our stay at genting!

Somemore sandwiches @.@

Walao,play dota,can't sien wan lo...zZz

Morning,time to depart to genting! Happy mood =)

Say Khuan ahr,bad habit lar!!Girl dun like wo...

Jason & Me going to genting,now taking KTM!

Say Khuan & Jason.AGAIN,tat fella playing DOTA!I really have nothing to say...>.<

We are now at KL Sentral bus terminal. Ready to go to genting by bus =) Say Khuan & Jason playing that 0,5,10,15,20!I lose 1 sundae-cone because of that! >.<

Bus to genting!

Reach genting finally!Stay at first world deluxe room!Let's begin our small feast! xD

What TV program so interesting!?I want to watch!!!Say Khuan wanna play again...>.<

Does the people inside the TV look the same as the people beside the TV?

Night time,time to go jalan jalan lor!

Say Khuan,you are not playing dota anymore, but bowling!Congrats!Your first breakthru...=)

Jason play too...

Next morning,outdoor theme park!Wah,ready for mini roller coaster lor!

Another spinning chair...Spin n Spin n Spin...Shout n Shout n Shout!

Corkscrew behind us.Just finish playing with Jason,'s the most chi gek of all the ride.

Time to cool down,play some super tobaggo...quite lame actually,wakakaka!

Long time din have spicy stuff ady.Lunch i order a Tom Yam MeeHoon,zeng!!!! ^^V

Afternoon rain,haish..too bad,cant play outdoor game.Later on,we went starbuck for a small drink.I order doughnut.Quite nice =)

Then,we went to the 4D Haunted Adventure.Oh man,it is very scary,and damn those people,i have to lead all the way,and so unfortunately,being the leader is not a good thing sometimes!!!!!!!!

Night time,bed talk,or bed sleep...swt Say Khuan!

Sei Say Khuan,so fake!

Pillow talk or handphone talk!?Hey,i saw the pc on and it's DOTA AGAIN!! ARGH!

Wow...hearty breakfast.Say Khuan & I enjoyed it =)

Bye Genting,start to miss home actually ='(

Journey to Tampin again,Jason sien dao...On KTM!

Reach home...start to do housechore! ^^

We went to malacca day after.We saw this children talent competition at Mahkota parade.They are so cute...esp one a-gogo children,3 yrs old! >.<

Jonker street,buy 1 necklace,1 hp-cover,dinner & met Li Wei+Rujia there ^^

4 bags to carry home,OMG!!!
Scene at LCCT during check in @.@
Air-asia airbus to Alor Star...
Trip ends,and I am on way home! =)
~ Chee Yang ~

Butterfly Award

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Therefore, I nominate:
1. Choong Ai (
p/s: Never thought we will still keep in contact and become good friend after the lead camp. Thanks for your nomination anyway and your full-of-pic blog makes me visit your blog often xD

2. Weei Foong & Wan Lu (
p/s: Good blog and good friends..

3. Shiong Qi (
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p/s: A unique blog because sometimes you can enjoy some philosophy there.A good friend which like to "suan" ppl,but actually brings laughter in the end!^^

5. Adeleen (
p/s: Although the time we had together at INTI is not that much,you are a good friend to mix with. Like to visit ur blog sometimes because the way you organise your blog,a bit similar with mine,hahaz =)

6. Wei Lian (
p/s: Blog with many pictures too..hehez!Another good friend during my time at INTI penang..

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p/s: Another lead camp friend.He is that people who always remind me of updating my blog,because I always forget to link his site to my blog!HAHA,but now finally i did!=P

8. Fion (
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9. Judy (
p/s: Friend i wish i can know more =)

10. Mei Ting (
p/s: Can write so many blog inside a few days time,worth a nomination,haha.. =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!


Happy Birthday To Me,
Happy Birthday To Me,
Happy Birthday To Chee Yang,
Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm sorry,just post my birthday blog now.Although it's one week ago(24th of october), still wanna share some sweet memories here.

**TADA**,this is the birthday boy:

Chee Yang aka Jonathan (Wah,I look so bright =) )


24th of October (Friday),it's our last day of class, and it's important for us,because we are having a presentation that day, and that presentation will take 20% of the internal coursework. After maths class(8-10am),we went for our presentation held at B4-L02.KLCC (Tze Hou,Tau Shean,Catherine & me) group were the fourth group to present.After our presentation,we changed out class to B4-L02.I observed that during the other group's presentation,Cheng Kee,Wilson etc. started to busy,came in n out from the room.I suspected something,but then I kept quiet.In my mind,I was thinking that maybe they were helping to set up some party at somewhere.After the last group of presentation, SUDDENLY,lights off! The screen showed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEE YANG!",and then a cake was brought in with candle light,and everyone started to sing birthday song. I was like "OH MY GOD,I'M SO SUPRISED!" Honestly,I didn't thought that they will give me such a big suprise.THANKS GUYS!LOVE YO GUYS!Picture above showed showed it.

After the cake was brought in, and they finished sang the birthday song, I was asked to wish for something. I wished 3 things, and then *blew*.. After that,Cheng Kee helped me to cut the cake for everyone. I can't cut the cake,because my mum told me that if I cut the birthday cake,it would mean that I was cutting my luck.

Eat!Eat!Eat! I'm so lucky that Saren feed me.Huhu...Too bad wilson behind did not want to feed me =(

After finished eating the cake, we went out from the class and took the class picture. Oh I will miss you guys, and hope that we will be in the same class again next semester =). The bag I was holding is the birthday present they gave to me. ("They" refers to 11 people = thanks to Peei Yoong, Wai Quai, Lindsay, Chai Yong, Wilson, Catherine, Tze Hou, Gaorii, Yuek See, Cheng Kee & Dae Sung)

Again, those are my classmates, with Lindsay the only girl,LOLS! =)


Same day that night, Ruey Jye brought Joanne, Fion, Meyven, Kok Hoe and me to dinner with his car. Pretty nice car!We went to the al-salam.I ordered Tom Yam Noodle. After that, we went to CHEONG K!The first KTV Lounge we went was full d,so we went to the other KTV Lounge, which is nearer to INTI campus. Pretty excited with it,because I haven't go Cheong K for a long long time dy.
We booked a room,and singing commenced!

After a few minutes,a people creeped in,and that's Say Khuan!

Fion sang...
Meyven sang...
Ruey Jye sang...
Kok Hoe sang...
I sang...
Say Khuan sang...
Joanne sang...

Woah!sang till broke my throat ady! @.@
First of all, candle was lighted aND BIRTHDAY SONG STARTED!

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Chee Yang,
Happy Birthday To You,

Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le!

Gong Zok Nei Fok Sao Yi Tin Cai,
Heng Hok Nei Sam San Fai Lok,
Nin Ning Dou Yao Gam Yat,
Sui Sui Dou Yao Gam Jiu,
Gong Hei Nei,
Gong Hei Nei!

After the birthday song,cake cutting n cake eating ceremony began.Argh,my face was pushed into the cake when I was forced to use my mouth to take the candle. But you can't see it because I wiped off ady and the picture is bright.Hehe...The picture above was taken with my "darling" Fion.Then,that hand came and kacau.Whose is that hand anyway?It's Say Khuan,taking a cherry!

Joanne,Me,"Darling",Meyven...with the show of "8"!18 lor!!

That's our karaoke gang that day,with Joanne taking the picture!OMG...I missed that night,my voice broke!Too bad Jason can't make it that day.Haish...Thanks guys,Love you all!Muaksszzz....

That's all for MY DAY!=)
Of course I wanna thanks all the people who wished me on that day!
Thank you for remembering my birthday!

18 ady,let's go clubbing!HAHA,just kidding...

~ Chee Yang ~