Monday, February 9, 2009

My Chinese New Year 2009

Today last day Of Chinese New Year ady..(sad sad)
Anyway,for the last time this year,let me wish you all again,Happy Chinese New Year.
I had a very fun chinese new year this year.
Again,below are the photos I taken during my CNY from CNY eve to 6th day (Days I stayed at Alor Star before I go back INTI)

Chinese New Year Eve:

Dad and mum...we are having reunion dinner. ^^

So many families =)

My cousin. Cute isn't he!? ><

Angpow session lo. Wah, ah gong ah ma giv angpow to 3rd uncle lor =)
1st day of CNY:
Place I always go this day...Chee Yang Kor!A place made by me!?Nono,it's just coincidently my name is there!But I'm of proud of myself,aiks...


Go mum's side grandma house. Bro watching TV!

Later that nite,watched show at a/s mall.Met hui xiang...

2nd day of CNY:
Eat lunch again at 1st uncle house.
Then that night, go aunt's house. Steamboat + gamble lo...wah children oso involved!? LOL!

3rd day of CNY:
Went gathering. Took picture with sze yun!?Me handsome or Sze Yun pretty!?
Prefect's gathering(my batch). spot me!?
Then we went Cha Zhen's house. That Sze Yun won't miss a chance to smile at the camera ya...=.=
4th day of CNY:
Went Queensbay,Penang. Havent came here for half a year ady,nice decoration though.
What so special about this photo?Hmm...Noboby knows but me.

Then Kok Pin & Evonne came and meet me.Aiyoooor long time din meet them ady....misssss them so much >.<
After that we went to Kek Lok Si.
5th day of CNY:
Had house warming.Many people came...but foods didn't finish...TT
6th Day of CNY:
Went to uncle's house again. We went yam cha with them...but where is everyone!?
Ohhh...they are sneaking food at the back.Wait for me!!
I'm gonna miss CNY ><