Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One World One Dream!

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ~~

Wohoo...It's so excited that finally the long waited olympic games is about to begin.Hahaz...lately I was so boring,how I wish that the Olympic game will start today!If it starts today,then I can watch the opening ceremony,then watch the games...Especially the badminton!Hoho...although China host this year,but I still hope that Malaysian badminton player can beat China player,and it will be quite a result if Lee Choong Wei beats Lin Dan to win the gold medal.Hahahaz...and also TBH n KKK win the gold medal.It will be quite a ineteresting match to watch.

However,I do think it will be the most successful Olympic games this year.The construction of the "Bird Nest" was spectacular.It was designed by a switzerland architecture and now his dream comes true.I'm truly amazed of thier spirit to finish up thier construction.It's simply amazing!

I will go wild jumping up and down if I can be there.Taking lot and lot of photos...huhu...

These mascots let me think of one people..
which I will never forget for the rest of my life...

A mature look,
yet acting was quite childish;
A patient look,
yet hot-tempered at times;
A "I care nobody" type look,
yet understanding and friendly;
A late "kaki" look,
yet sleep so early than me;
A book-worm look,
yet sometimes get tempted by entertainment;
A quiet look,
yet quite talkative at times;

He is no other but....


Those people who know him,will know that he likes that mascots so much.He even brings one of the mascots with him during classes.And you know what,every mascots means something.....

OUCH,I can sense that I couldn't say more,or else I will get beaten!!

Anyway,the theme of this year olympic game " One World One Dream "

Nice theme!
Every world have it's dream..
Every people too have thier own dream...
I wish my dream will come true....
So do i wish for everyone...

Have a nice day everyone!:)

~ Chee Yang ~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Wei Lian

To Wei Lian:

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Wei Lian,
Happy Birthday To You.

Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le.

Another people's birthday lor...huhu...haish!Most of my friends have already grown up,18 years old ady lehz!!I am atill 17 years old.But nevermind,being young is great,because when other people bully you,you can complain the bigger bully the younger.Hahahaaz...just kidding!

Anyway,I wish you:
1. Healthy
2. All the best in HSC
3. Stay pretty
4. Stay happy
5. Everlasting smile (lols..)
6. anything!?

~ Chee Yang ~

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Start Over And Think Again...


Anyway,I'm sorry that I didn't update my blog the day before yesterday.I was away that night,because I went to met some old's good to meet old friends lehz,because haven't meet them for such a long time ady.Last time I have been trying my best to call them out for "yam cha"...but they are not free,so have to cancel!

Aiks...but that night I went to meet Kee Tuan & Kok at a small cafe near my house.Lols,I was suprised to see them,maybe they became more mature ady?Lols...I think I suprised because of thier hair ba?I haven't meet them for such a long time ady,and now kok's hair suddenly became so long,can't get used to it.Kee Tuan's hair looked nice...hahaahz...lols!Anyway,we have a good chat there.We chat about the prefects' day,the members in the board,friends etc. Lols,I haven't chat for such long ady.There are a lots to chat and gossip about,but Kok and Tuan need to rush back for thier preparation of the Prefects' Day.Quite pity these two president and vice president.Aiks,it's been a long time since I went back to Prefect Board ady...

p/s: Kok,ho xim...pai time remember to eat your lunch lehz.You really siao eh,because of the prefects' day,you skip your lunch....Speechless!!!

Meanwhile,before that afternoon,I was chatting with Lin Wai through MSN.I has been thinking the word you said after you offline.You said that you was regret,right?Actually,I don't think you regret.For my opinion,the term "disappointed" will be more suitable to be used instead of "regret".Have you forget all the good memories we had together?If you still remembered,then actually it won't be so bad!Actually I do think that your expectation is high,but the results didn't get reach your dissapointment came!

p/s: Bro,it's a past ady though....

Yesterday(25/7/2008),I went back to school for the Prefects' Day.To be honest,I'm quite happy to go back there.Now I'm going there not as a prefect,but as a former prefect.However,I'm quite dissapointed because there are just a few of our batch came back. Jia Yin,Wei Chean,Xuan Kai,Li Cher,Cha Zhen went back...but where are the rest!?Aiks...When I reached there,the OC (Opening Ceremony) has already passed,so I didn't get the souvenir...lols!Then ate something and chat chat chat...after somewhile,the formal event started.First of all,the oscar presentation!Argh..Jia Yin & I couldn't stand with the shout there...however right after the presentation,it became a bit silent.Why!?because the post thingy came dy ma....

I'm happy for those who was promoted into EXCOM and SCM list.
For those who was promoted : Be strong and work as a team.
For those who was not promoted : Be tough and co-operate among each other.Do not give up!

I was happy that my 2 k-daughters was promoted into SCM.
To Sue Huay : I was impressed lehz!you said you can't do it initially,but now u see,Girl D lehz!So you must be strong and always seek for advise if you have any problem ok?I'm sure you can do it...

To Hong Er : Don't sob ady.I don't know what is the reason why you sob,but I will always here support you wo!All the best to you!

And Last Of All to my k-son,
Wei Xue : Work hard and smart for your SPM!I know you can do it...come 1,2,3...gogogo!

After the event,I fetche Yan Yee & Yvonne back to thier home.Then,we (kok,zheng xian,kee tuan,geh,li cher,kai,chean,hoe howe,yi heng,huay & er hann) went to NASMIR for supper.Lols,odered my favourite roti boom and milo ais(Roti boom frequently boom my stomach ><).Then have some chat there again! nicez...

Later then...I fetched Huay & Geh back to thier home before I went back home.When I get back home,it makes me start thinking again what Geh said in the car.

Aiks,to be honest,I still care a lot of things which are a past now.Giving up on such thing,needs years to recover it.But I promised I will try not to think anymore....I feel that friends do play a very important role in our life.When you are bored,you seek your friends,tell them about your problems,shares your feeling etc.Nowadays at Alor Star,really hard to find a friend.Most of them went to college ady.For those f6's friends,they are busy with thier tuition & study.So basically,it's hard to gather some friends.So sad!

Lols,I think I should stop here.

Suddenly,I really missed these songs ~
- Waiting For You, by 胡彦斌
- 专属天使, by TANK

Oppss....I promised! =.='''

~ Chee Yang ~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Usual day

Wohoo...hey guys...nice to write blog again.
Aiks,today I have to wake up early in the morning.Actually I still remember that I was dreaming something,but then someone was calling me "wake up...wake up..."Aiks,6 something ady,time to wake up!Why I have to wake up so early?It is because I have to fetch my parent to airport...

Wah,morning really chilling,and that time I was like blur-ing.After somewhile,I was ok ady,and then we were ready to go out.We went to kepala batas' airport,and reached there at 7.30am.Then my parent check in..and I was like wondering around the airport.The new airport looked nice...maybe it was new,so quite like it.Hehehez..

Bon Voyage my mum and dad!!!

After that,I went to have breakfast alone.Wah,quite nice...driving alone and eating breakfast alone.Lols,feeling quite different.I ate hokkien mee for my breakfast,mmm...quite nice!then went back online again..hahaz...

Then,my brother came back home at about 2pm.So after having his lunch,we went to fetch grandma.Hahahaz,driving again...wohoo...Hmm..don't know why,everytime driving,feeling quite syok... again...sienz...

After a long afternoon,I fetched my bro to tuition...and ate dinner with grandma.Lols,before decide where I wanted to have my dinner,I really have my headache.This is because I couldn't decide where I wanted to eat,and when I asked my grandma,the answer would be the same..."Suka lu!"..."Cin Cai!"....Haish,now I understand why driver dislike to ask the question "where you all want to eat?"

After dinner,came back home did some paper work...after doing's 9 somethng already,and it's time to fetch bro from tuition again!Huhu...and after fetching I'm sitting in front of computer,writing blog...


~ Chee Yang ~

Monday, July 21, 2008

Malaysian Studies!

Hey Hey,today none people's birthday,so aiks...cant sing happy birthday song already.Hahahaz!

Today I have my malaysian study test ady,wooo...scary leh!This exam overs 10 chapters,and you know what,I hate malaysian study or what we call as history since secondary school.Lols,need to memorise so many things ahr,make me headache nia...
Fortunately,those first 7 chapters,we have learnt before during secondary school in malay edition.Although i din read too much for my test,I have the rough idea what it's talking about.The worst chapter will be the constitution or the chapter 5,about the federal n state!Omg...It's taking my life!

Today after my brunch,then my mum & I went to Penang.Once again,I become drive.Hahahaz...However,I enjoyed being driver.Dunno why...When I reach Penang,it's already 3 smtg like that.When i reached campus,I went to the library.There I saw Tong Sheng,Jin Yang and 1 people from AUP(sorry,forget his name ady).Then,we have a little chat there lo!Wah,impressed that some people went clubbing.In fact,many of friends went to clubbing before.Wah...maybe I should go also?Haha...

tick tock tick tock tick tock....4pm!!!

Then I enter into MPH(multi-purpose hall),get a seat,take out my stationary then waiting for exam paper.Lols,i dun feel nervous at all.In fact,I knew 90% of the people there won't feel nervous too.I'm quite happy to get the paper,because I knew how to do the objective part.But when it comes to subjective and essay part,I get down a bit.Lols,I don't know how to do the subjective part!

Anyway,i start doing the objective part,then essay part and finally subjective part.What suprised me was,when I was half doing my subjective part (that time was 4:55pm),I saw a people standing up,passing up her paper and went away!She is cynthia!Yor....dunno she got siao fast!!!I'm only half doing my essay part lor!Haish...

Then when I finished my paper,it's already 5:45pm,and there are only 4 people left in the hall.Walao eh,all people so gao wan!Haish....

Anyway,after the test,I went to hostel,play FIFA for a while,until my mum come and fetch me again.Hahaha..then drive back again!wah...nitez time driving quite sleepy lehz...Haish!Then when reach home,bath and online again!That's why I am here now!


~ Chee Yang ~

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Sue Wah

To My Dearest Tudi:

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Sue Wah,
Happy Birthday To You...

Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST TUDI wo...haha..18 years old ady lehz..haish...Suddenly feel that you become more mature than before ady.Anyway,how's your study at KL?Fine?We missed you so much here,especially sifu!
Touched anot when I send you the voice sms?Lols,actually I wan to phone you,but I think you fall asleep ady,so I leave a voice sms for you!Hope you like it,although my singing not good.Haha...

Anyway,I still wish you~
1. Healthy
2. All the best for your study
3. Safety
4. Stay pretty
5. Anything!?

Nothing to report leh today,because nothing special happenend.As usual,wake up > brunch > grandma house > tea break > home > movie > sleep > dinner > and now online-ing.
Anyway,I m going to butterworth tommorow for a seminar..

Happy Birthday once again to out Birthday Girl -----> SUE WAH!

~ Chee Yang ~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kim Voi

To Kim Voi:

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Kim Voi,
Happy Birthday To You.

Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le.

Hmm...elder than me 4 years leh.Really need to call you "tai koko" d...
Hahaz..22 years old alrd leh!Too bad you still havent found your soul mate!
Nevermind,I will backed you to get "her"...u know who la...

Anyway,wish you~
1. Healthy
2. Handsome
3. Faster find a "tai jie jie"
4. Control your emo.
5. Dota don't always beyond GODLIKE (haha,just kidding)
6. Anything!?

Yesterday and today's malaysian study class quite relaxing.Yesterday after creating a political party symbol,then can go back ady.Quite satisfy with my drawing also...and I name it "National United Organisation".Lols,then today write about essay...Aiks,very relax!And the most important thing,can come back earlier.Hahahaz...

Today when I'm still sleeping ahr,that 2 SQ come to my room!SWT la...yor,let them saw my haircut d.Yor!!!How can they!?So ugly d...they saw it d!Argh!Why!?Why!?

Happy Birhtday Kim Voi!!

~ Chee Yang ~

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Disgusting Haircut!

Yo,howdy?How is everyone doing?Well,I'm back to my alor star again.Nice to be back again,hahahaz..because home is a heaven right?For me,yea...Moreover,during my trip back,got "someone" so special brought me back lor...woooo...made me so happy!Hahaha..Lols,who are you thinking wor?Aiya...actually she is my friend la..aiyo,why you think so much?Hahahaz...just kidding!

Actually,to be home honestly,the feel is quite nice.However,I'm not satisfied with one thing this week.THAT IS MY HAIRCUT!Argh..My haircut....sooooooooooooooooo......ugly,disgusting,bad,shit etc. haish haish,totally the worst haircut i had!

Initially,I want to change my hairstyle,because I have been going to the same barber shop and I wanted to change a bit this time around.So,I asked my mum to bring me some other place.Then,my dad suggested me to go to Red2 & Ken(dunno it's right anot) at pacific.

So,my mum brought me there to have a haircut.When i went there,I was excited,because I wanted to have a better looking haircut.When I entered there,then a lady served me...and later on she was the one who cut my hair(SO UNFORTUNATE).When she started to cut my hair,I have faith on her that she will be able to do the right job.SO UNFORTUNATE,no no no!!!As she cut n cut n cut,my hair getting short n short n short,n I sense d something wrong ady.That time I was not wearing spectacles,so I couldnt see it clearly.But when she finished cutting...nightmare came!!!!WTH!?SO UGLY!You know what my mum said? "You looked like a punk!"

Argh...i agreed!But I did not say anything...When I got back home,I was sooooo dissapointed and sooooo regret that I went to that shop!!But "nasi sudah menjadi bubur"....

The next day(which is today)...I still couldnt tahan with my haircut,so I went back to the old shop I used to go to "renovate" my hair.Now looked a little bit better,but it is so short TT....I'm so regret now!Sniff sniff!!!

To my lovely friends:
Do you have any recommendation of the place where I can get a good haircut in penang?Argh,I really beh tong ady!!If you have a good recommendation,please recommend me!I will thank you so much...

~ Chee Yang ~

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Cynthia!

To Cynthia:

Happy Birthday To You...
Happy Birthday To You...
Happy Birthday To Cynthia...
Happy Birthday To You!

Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le...
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le...
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le...
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le...

Aiks,I dunno others language ady.
In short,happy birthday ya birthday girl.
Let me wish you...
1. The Best for your HSC
2. Healthy
3. Stay happy
4. Stay beautiful (lols)
5. anything!?

Anyway,yesterday(10/7/2008), Huan Ching, Wei Lian, Sebastian, Ann Joe and me went to TGI Friday to celebrate cynthia's birthday. First time I went there...lols!It looks quite classy there, and the food there looks quite nice. But the price there was like very high-class also.Hahaha...but nevermind la...hehe...Then I ordered a Chicken Finger+Appertizer+Dessert,the food quite nice,but I can't manage to finish them all.Hahhaz...Then the place there is very special,especially for birthday's ocassion!Lols,if you the birthday boy or birthday girl that day,the staff there will help u celebrate it by singing song,ask you to talk something etc.Hahahaz,then all the customers there will be looking at u!Wahz.....but luckily we don't go for that package,or else cynthia will be very embarrased.LOLS!It is quite a nice place lar,even one of the indian staff there knows how to speak mandarin(suprise me!) and draw cartoons and ballon(which is so nice!),but the price there will also quite xim tia!Lols....

That's all folk!
I will try to edit photo into here later.

Once again,happy birthday!

~Chee Yang~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Relaxing Life...

Aloha!Harlo!I'm back.Today's blog won't be long also,and there's no drama either,just a very blog,because nothing happened recently.I have been very free these few days..besides having game and read some books,then the rest i have to worry about is the INTIMA stuff.But actually I'm still free now,because it's still early of july.I think I have to appreciate it,because after july,I will have to rush for the prom night d...

Talking about Prom Night:
To anyone who is currently studying at INTI now...
Are you interested in joining Prom Night?
We will be having a lot of funs and a lot of interesting programs.
Maybe you will be the only one Prom King or Prom Queen?
Who knows right?
I will keep you all update on the venue,date and further information about the Prom Night,but the confirmed location will be at g-hotel.

So,hope to see you there =)

Have a nice day everyone....

~ Chee Yang ~

Monday, July 7, 2008

Brief Proposing Drama

Heyya,today there will no long long blog,but a brief and crazy drama.

Lols,it is a proposing drama(short act).
And I'm not flirting,just the sake of fun.

So just sit back and relax.Lols..

ONE DAY,I have a flower on hand...and I'm going to propose to 2 girls...

1. Li Tee :

Argh,she accepts my flower!!!I'm so happy.....=)
Wah,I'm so charming lehz,got ppl accepts my flower :P

2. Weei Foong :

:'(......sob sob.....sniff sniff......:'(.....
Why she does not accept mine?

Am I that bad?

When I was so sad because my flower was rejected.....

Doh Wei sends me flower....

Harlo?What the heck?Why is this happening?
Lols....but I'm so touched leh...This time around I'm not sending flowers,but other ppl sends me!
Argh...should I accepts the flower?
If I accepts...
If I do not....

AT LAST.....
I do not accept...

Then Doh Wei thought that he was not good for me...
And he was so angry...
He gives me a PUNCH!

Doh Wei : Huh,now you know what is the consequences after reject my flower!!!!

He managed to calm down and yet we are still friends...

Well,for the other 2 girls...
I think...
I still left the best for mine later...

BUT,someone I accept my flower!!!! happy
I must be too handsome d,so ppl cant tahan accepts my flower!

THE END!!!!!!!

Lame lehz....

The characters in our drama:

Top (from left): Li Tee, Weei Foong
Bottom (from left) : Chee Yang, Doh Wei

~ Produced by Chee Yang ~

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Simple yet complicated

Hihi everyone,I'm sorry i haven't update anything for such a long time already.Please apologise me!Lols,recently I was so free,no need to worry for study,and watch tv,play games,chatting etc.Oh man,the life is so free but dull.Perhaps I gotta find some work to do already?What I know was my friends in HSC just finished thier chemistry paper this morning and when they are having exam,I was like watching movie in home.Oh gosh,compare to that,I was so free and relax.

Anyway,today I'm going to share about my "thinking" these few days.When I was so busy,I was totally concentrated on my work and I have no time to think about other thing else.However,as I was soooo free now,I started to think a lot,AGAIN.Well,especially during night time,before you get into sleep,there are so many things I could think about.Well,there was 1 movie really touches my heart.It's like 2 friends were a best friends before,but accidentally one of them killed the his friend's father.So,his fren was so angry and he wanted to take the revenge for his father.Many times he tried to kill him but as last he failed.At last,when he saw that the friend he wanted to kill was in trouble,he did not help him to double up the trouble.However,he helped him.And what most important thing is,the pay of his help is death.When he died,the others friend was like so upset and he cried.Now,it really touches me because it really showed a good relationship between 2 friends.Sometimes,we called each other as best frens.It's so simple,I'm ur bestie,and you are my bestie!That's all,that's simple.It's so simple to show that we are two best friends.However,do u know "best friends" actually means a lot?Why we should be add a "best" there...why not just good frens...or perhaps just "friend".It is because "best friend" showed a lot of things.It showed that both of that people have gone through a lot of things together.When the things happened,no matter happy or sad,they are always for them.When they need help,the others will give it,wihout asking to repay anything.

Do you have a best friend?Do you ever realise that he or she was your best friend?Do you ever appreciate that he or she was your best friend?At first honestly,I know i have a best friend,i realise that he is my best friend,but i do not appreciate that he is my best friend,until I lost it.Well,most of the people will not cherish the thing they had now(e.g cherish the relationship with you best friend),but when u start to lose it,then you will start thinking back n said to yourself "I wish I would have more time!".And yes we know,it was too late.Sames goes to our parents.When they are there,we should have give them the best they could,as to comfort them,appreciate them etc.However,if you think there's still a lot of time to do that,and you keep on delay n delay n delay...until one time when it's too late,then please don't cry n regret!

Same goes to loving relationship also.Ladies and gentlemen,if you do have a people you like or perhaps more,please express to her or him how you feel.Please do not delay!Because you will never know how it is going to be after you tell him.I realise that every people would have consider this problem "What if I propose,and he/she rejects?Will we still be friends?" Thats the thing,and even I knew it.But then my dear friends,if we don't tell it today,maybe we don't get a chance to say it tommorow?Or let it to be more serious,if he or she dies tommorow,will u regret forever?For me,I will!So please don't hesistate anymore.Tell them how you feel,if they really reject you,please don't be sad,because you all still can remain friends right?Moreover now u know how he or she feels,and that will lessen your daily pain.

These relationship can seems to be so simple,"I love you","You love me"'s so simple.But yet when you are really involved in it,it can be so complicated.However,if you involved in any relationship,appreciate it!Trust me...I have been so happy for the friends I met so far.I appreciate them very much!However,sometimes pride,anger,sadness takes it away from me.Lately,some bunch of friends brought me out for a lunch.Although it's just a lunch,I can feel the "care" and the "friend's bond" are there.I really enjoyed it wit h them.Then recently,I have a friend which have trouble for himself.I feel pity on him and I always wanted to help anyone I could,but then I don't know what I can do to help him,which makes me sad.Somemore,I have also a friend which is having a loving relationship problem,I want to help her but her situation is a bit similar to my past one,which makes me feels bad.Anyway,I really wish them the best for everything they do and I'm always here for them always.

Please treat you friends as really your friend,appreciate them!Because they can really make ur life colourful.If you don't mind,treat me as your friend too...because I love to have friends.Let's together cherish these simple yet complicated relationship....


~ Chee Yang ~