Monday, July 21, 2008

Malaysian Studies!

Hey Hey,today none people's birthday,so aiks...cant sing happy birthday song already.Hahahaz!

Today I have my malaysian study test ady,wooo...scary leh!This exam overs 10 chapters,and you know what,I hate malaysian study or what we call as history since secondary school.Lols,need to memorise so many things ahr,make me headache nia...
Fortunately,those first 7 chapters,we have learnt before during secondary school in malay edition.Although i din read too much for my test,I have the rough idea what it's talking about.The worst chapter will be the constitution or the chapter 5,about the federal n state!Omg...It's taking my life!

Today after my brunch,then my mum & I went to Penang.Once again,I become drive.Hahahaz...However,I enjoyed being driver.Dunno why...When I reach Penang,it's already 3 smtg like that.When i reached campus,I went to the library.There I saw Tong Sheng,Jin Yang and 1 people from AUP(sorry,forget his name ady).Then,we have a little chat there lo!Wah,impressed that some people went clubbing.In fact,many of friends went to clubbing before.Wah...maybe I should go also?Haha...

tick tock tick tock tick tock....4pm!!!

Then I enter into MPH(multi-purpose hall),get a seat,take out my stationary then waiting for exam paper.Lols,i dun feel nervous at all.In fact,I knew 90% of the people there won't feel nervous too.I'm quite happy to get the paper,because I knew how to do the objective part.But when it comes to subjective and essay part,I get down a bit.Lols,I don't know how to do the subjective part!

Anyway,i start doing the objective part,then essay part and finally subjective part.What suprised me was,when I was half doing my subjective part (that time was 4:55pm),I saw a people standing up,passing up her paper and went away!She is cynthia!Yor....dunno she got siao fast!!!I'm only half doing my essay part lor!Haish...

Then when I finished my paper,it's already 5:45pm,and there are only 4 people left in the hall.Walao eh,all people so gao wan!Haish....

Anyway,after the test,I went to hostel,play FIFA for a while,until my mum come and fetch me again.Hahaha..then drive back again!wah...nitez time driving quite sleepy lehz...Haish!Then when reach home,bath and online again!That's why I am here now!


~ Chee Yang ~