Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Relaxing Life...

Aloha!Harlo!I'm back.Today's blog won't be long also,and there's no drama either,just a very blog,because nothing happened recently.I have been very free these few days..besides having game and read some books,then the rest i have to worry about is the INTIMA stuff.But actually I'm still free now,because it's still early of july.I think I have to appreciate it,because after july,I will have to rush for the prom night d...

Talking about Prom Night:
To anyone who is currently studying at INTI now...
Are you interested in joining Prom Night?
We will be having a lot of funs and a lot of interesting programs.
Maybe you will be the only one Prom King or Prom Queen?
Who knows right?
I will keep you all update on the venue,date and further information about the Prom Night,but the confirmed location will be at g-hotel.

So,hope to see you there =)

Have a nice day everyone....

~ Chee Yang ~