Saturday, July 5, 2008

Simple yet complicated

Hihi everyone,I'm sorry i haven't update anything for such a long time already.Please apologise me!Lols,recently I was so free,no need to worry for study,and watch tv,play games,chatting etc.Oh man,the life is so free but dull.Perhaps I gotta find some work to do already?What I know was my friends in HSC just finished thier chemistry paper this morning and when they are having exam,I was like watching movie in home.Oh gosh,compare to that,I was so free and relax.

Anyway,today I'm going to share about my "thinking" these few days.When I was so busy,I was totally concentrated on my work and I have no time to think about other thing else.However,as I was soooo free now,I started to think a lot,AGAIN.Well,especially during night time,before you get into sleep,there are so many things I could think about.Well,there was 1 movie really touches my heart.It's like 2 friends were a best friends before,but accidentally one of them killed the his friend's father.So,his fren was so angry and he wanted to take the revenge for his father.Many times he tried to kill him but as last he failed.At last,when he saw that the friend he wanted to kill was in trouble,he did not help him to double up the trouble.However,he helped him.And what most important thing is,the pay of his help is death.When he died,the others friend was like so upset and he cried.Now,it really touches me because it really showed a good relationship between 2 friends.Sometimes,we called each other as best frens.It's so simple,I'm ur bestie,and you are my bestie!That's all,that's simple.It's so simple to show that we are two best friends.However,do u know "best friends" actually means a lot?Why we should be add a "best" there...why not just good frens...or perhaps just "friend".It is because "best friend" showed a lot of things.It showed that both of that people have gone through a lot of things together.When the things happened,no matter happy or sad,they are always for them.When they need help,the others will give it,wihout asking to repay anything.

Do you have a best friend?Do you ever realise that he or she was your best friend?Do you ever appreciate that he or she was your best friend?At first honestly,I know i have a best friend,i realise that he is my best friend,but i do not appreciate that he is my best friend,until I lost it.Well,most of the people will not cherish the thing they had now(e.g cherish the relationship with you best friend),but when u start to lose it,then you will start thinking back n said to yourself "I wish I would have more time!".And yes we know,it was too late.Sames goes to our parents.When they are there,we should have give them the best they could,as to comfort them,appreciate them etc.However,if you think there's still a lot of time to do that,and you keep on delay n delay n delay...until one time when it's too late,then please don't cry n regret!

Same goes to loving relationship also.Ladies and gentlemen,if you do have a people you like or perhaps more,please express to her or him how you feel.Please do not delay!Because you will never know how it is going to be after you tell him.I realise that every people would have consider this problem "What if I propose,and he/she rejects?Will we still be friends?" Thats the thing,and even I knew it.But then my dear friends,if we don't tell it today,maybe we don't get a chance to say it tommorow?Or let it to be more serious,if he or she dies tommorow,will u regret forever?For me,I will!So please don't hesistate anymore.Tell them how you feel,if they really reject you,please don't be sad,because you all still can remain friends right?Moreover now u know how he or she feels,and that will lessen your daily pain.

These relationship can seems to be so simple,"I love you","You love me"'s so simple.But yet when you are really involved in it,it can be so complicated.However,if you involved in any relationship,appreciate it!Trust me...I have been so happy for the friends I met so far.I appreciate them very much!However,sometimes pride,anger,sadness takes it away from me.Lately,some bunch of friends brought me out for a lunch.Although it's just a lunch,I can feel the "care" and the "friend's bond" are there.I really enjoyed it wit h them.Then recently,I have a friend which have trouble for himself.I feel pity on him and I always wanted to help anyone I could,but then I don't know what I can do to help him,which makes me sad.Somemore,I have also a friend which is having a loving relationship problem,I want to help her but her situation is a bit similar to my past one,which makes me feels bad.Anyway,I really wish them the best for everything they do and I'm always here for them always.

Please treat you friends as really your friend,appreciate them!Because they can really make ur life colourful.If you don't mind,treat me as your friend too...because I love to have friends.Let's together cherish these simple yet complicated relationship....


~ Chee Yang ~


ultraultimateosq said...

Yo...Now talking about friendship. Haha... Now I can oficially call u Tan Sri PHD. Wish you have a happy holiday.

Anonymous said...

yo~ friendship forever!!