Saturday, July 26, 2008

Start Over And Think Again...


Anyway,I'm sorry that I didn't update my blog the day before yesterday.I was away that night,because I went to met some old's good to meet old friends lehz,because haven't meet them for such a long time ady.Last time I have been trying my best to call them out for "yam cha"...but they are not free,so have to cancel!

Aiks...but that night I went to meet Kee Tuan & Kok at a small cafe near my house.Lols,I was suprised to see them,maybe they became more mature ady?Lols...I think I suprised because of thier hair ba?I haven't meet them for such a long time ady,and now kok's hair suddenly became so long,can't get used to it.Kee Tuan's hair looked nice...hahaahz...lols!Anyway,we have a good chat there.We chat about the prefects' day,the members in the board,friends etc. Lols,I haven't chat for such long ady.There are a lots to chat and gossip about,but Kok and Tuan need to rush back for thier preparation of the Prefects' Day.Quite pity these two president and vice president.Aiks,it's been a long time since I went back to Prefect Board ady...

p/s: Kok,ho xim...pai time remember to eat your lunch lehz.You really siao eh,because of the prefects' day,you skip your lunch....Speechless!!!

Meanwhile,before that afternoon,I was chatting with Lin Wai through MSN.I has been thinking the word you said after you offline.You said that you was regret,right?Actually,I don't think you regret.For my opinion,the term "disappointed" will be more suitable to be used instead of "regret".Have you forget all the good memories we had together?If you still remembered,then actually it won't be so bad!Actually I do think that your expectation is high,but the results didn't get reach your dissapointment came!

p/s: Bro,it's a past ady though....

Yesterday(25/7/2008),I went back to school for the Prefects' Day.To be honest,I'm quite happy to go back there.Now I'm going there not as a prefect,but as a former prefect.However,I'm quite dissapointed because there are just a few of our batch came back. Jia Yin,Wei Chean,Xuan Kai,Li Cher,Cha Zhen went back...but where are the rest!?Aiks...When I reached there,the OC (Opening Ceremony) has already passed,so I didn't get the souvenir...lols!Then ate something and chat chat chat...after somewhile,the formal event started.First of all,the oscar presentation!Argh..Jia Yin & I couldn't stand with the shout there...however right after the presentation,it became a bit silent.Why!?because the post thingy came dy ma....

I'm happy for those who was promoted into EXCOM and SCM list.
For those who was promoted : Be strong and work as a team.
For those who was not promoted : Be tough and co-operate among each other.Do not give up!

I was happy that my 2 k-daughters was promoted into SCM.
To Sue Huay : I was impressed lehz!you said you can't do it initially,but now u see,Girl D lehz!So you must be strong and always seek for advise if you have any problem ok?I'm sure you can do it...

To Hong Er : Don't sob ady.I don't know what is the reason why you sob,but I will always here support you wo!All the best to you!

And Last Of All to my k-son,
Wei Xue : Work hard and smart for your SPM!I know you can do it...come 1,2,3...gogogo!

After the event,I fetche Yan Yee & Yvonne back to thier home.Then,we (kok,zheng xian,kee tuan,geh,li cher,kai,chean,hoe howe,yi heng,huay & er hann) went to NASMIR for supper.Lols,odered my favourite roti boom and milo ais(Roti boom frequently boom my stomach ><).Then have some chat there again! nicez...

Later then...I fetched Huay & Geh back to thier home before I went back home.When I get back home,it makes me start thinking again what Geh said in the car.

Aiks,to be honest,I still care a lot of things which are a past now.Giving up on such thing,needs years to recover it.But I promised I will try not to think anymore....I feel that friends do play a very important role in our life.When you are bored,you seek your friends,tell them about your problems,shares your feeling etc.Nowadays at Alor Star,really hard to find a friend.Most of them went to college ady.For those f6's friends,they are busy with thier tuition & study.So basically,it's hard to gather some friends.So sad!

Lols,I think I should stop here.

Suddenly,I really missed these songs ~
- Waiting For You, by 胡彦斌
- 专属天使, by TANK

Oppss....I promised! =.='''

~ Chee Yang ~