Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Usual day

Wohoo...hey guys...nice to write blog again.
Aiks,today I have to wake up early in the morning.Actually I still remember that I was dreaming something,but then someone was calling me "wake up...wake up..."Aiks,6 something ady,time to wake up!Why I have to wake up so early?It is because I have to fetch my parent to airport...

Wah,morning really chilling,and that time I was like blur-ing.After somewhile,I was ok ady,and then we were ready to go out.We went to kepala batas' airport,and reached there at 7.30am.Then my parent check in..and I was like wondering around the airport.The new airport looked nice...maybe it was new,so quite like it.Hehehez..

Bon Voyage my mum and dad!!!

After that,I went to have breakfast alone.Wah,quite nice...driving alone and eating breakfast alone.Lols,feeling quite different.I ate hokkien mee for my breakfast,mmm...quite nice!then went back online again..hahaz...

Then,my brother came back home at about 2pm.So after having his lunch,we went to fetch grandma.Hahahaz,driving again...wohoo...Hmm..don't know why,everytime driving,feeling quite syok... again...sienz...

After a long afternoon,I fetched my bro to tuition...and ate dinner with grandma.Lols,before decide where I wanted to have my dinner,I really have my headache.This is because I couldn't decide where I wanted to eat,and when I asked my grandma,the answer would be the same..."Suka lu!"..."Cin Cai!"....Haish,now I understand why driver dislike to ask the question "where you all want to eat?"

After dinner,came back home did some paper work...after doing's 9 somethng already,and it's time to fetch bro from tuition again!Huhu...and after fetching I'm sitting in front of computer,writing blog...


~ Chee Yang ~