Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eventful day

Hey ya,here I'm to bring another entry again..=)

I woke up pretty early today,get myself ready,and off we go for our breakfast.
We went to have dim sum with my family.
I love the dim sum there,so many choices.But dim sum are damn expensive lar!!1 breakfast RM 60++ @@

After breakfast,my dad fetched my bro,cousin and me to Keat Hwa K primary school for a
Charity Food Sales. The people are so damn many as the sun rise higher. So hard to move, and the place where people buy the food is so damn hot lar. My mum stall sold the dessert (甜品),so I went there "kacau".

After a while,my cousin and bro shopped the food and bought ice-kacang.So,I went to collect some "taxes" lar of course.Hahaz..and this time something amazing happened.When I pass through a stall where it sold the delicacies,I saw a very familiar face.I was so shocked,but after "adjusting my spectacles" a little while,lolz,just a xiu mui mui with a face that look almost like a friend of mine.I did have a crazy thought for a moment: Get handphone number from her!Oh My God,don't know why I have that thought!But then,I went to collect my taxes. =.= (feel cold?)

Below are some pictures taken when I was eating the ice-kacang.

After finished the food sales, we went back home. Then,my bro opened that G.I.Joe movie,so my cousin,bro and I watched it.I watched for the fifth time ady,OMG!Even I can memorise their dialouge ady.But not long after that,uncle and aunt came to fetch my cousin home,and off they go.After they leave,my bro went to his friend's home and left me alone at home. What to do? DOTA! xD
Later in the night,we had a dinner. We went to fetch my grandparent first before going to the destination. It's my aunt's brother wedding.

Haven't attend dinner for quite some time ady,so i felt that the 8 coursemeal were quite nice actually.But my family said that the meal were not nice?How come I felt everything was nice?
Hmm?Still can't an explanation lehz..
But nevermind la,finished dinner,fetched my grandparent home.My grandparent lived together with my uncle and aunt.But when we arrived at my grandparent's home,my uncle n aunt haven't arrive yet.So it's pity to leave my grandparent there..aiks..just two of them in the home~felt like accompanying with them until uncle & aunt reached back home.
We went back home and here come my routine again. Watch tv > online (which is what I'm doing now xP)

Friday, November 13, 2009

A half-day of voluntary work.

Heyy..suprisingly,today I'm here to write another blog entry.Haha,2 days consecutive write blog.Is it an achievement?Haha..should celebrate right?xP Anyway,feel like writing blog these few days, I'm for another entry.

Well,today woke up early in the morning,had my breakfast,my dad and I went to Keat Hwa II High School for a voluntary work.Erm,it's like helping out in a ceremony,don't know exactly how to explain it.Oh,there are 3 masters came from Taiwan,China & Bhutan, and they are here today to talk about the true meaning of Buddha and other thing.

We reached there aroung 9 something. It's quite early actually,but then we thought we may go there and help up something.But we realise that the helper are so many that we didn't even know what to help up.In the end,my dad & I sat on a bench, pressing handphone =.=..haih!!!And in the end,my dad called me to go back first cause we are like so stupid there. So I went back,had some sleep,before I went to fetch my bro from school. He had graduation day today,and that's the end of his primary school days (mine are long long time ago). Both of us went to take our lunch at a stall,and I fetched him back before I went back to that ceremony again.

I reached there again at 2pm~and the masters were not there yet!!So we waited,until 2.30pm,and they arrived.So we have a few praving sessions,before the talk started.Wow,first time attended this kind of talk,and then had to read some prayer,felt so fresh.Hahaz..but can be quite boring sometimes..cause I'm alone there hearing the talk.My dad went to help up on other things ady.

Then,we had our break around 5.30pm..I accompanied my dad,before we went back at 6pm!When we arrived home,the dinner was almost served.Gosh,thanks mum,because I'm damn hungry ady!!Had a very good dinner...loving it ^^

After dinner and bath, I came to my little laptop,had a little practice on my TOEFL (going to take toefl this december,at penang).After that,opened my msn chat with friends,and start filling the application form of the universities I had chosen. The application form is so damn complicated lar,haih...need to fill in so many things..In the end,I saved my application form and closed it when it came to the personal statement part.Hahahaz...

Well,and here I'm now typing my blog,gonna off soon...later morning gonna go Keat Hwa K school for a chatiry sales. Wait for more entry wo ^^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm back!

Fuuuu~~~ clearing the spider web..
Shooshh~~~chasing away the mouse and cockroaches.
And sweeping away the DUST!!!

Yeap,that's the story for my blog nowadays.
Haven't touch it for quite some MONTHS ady(not days or weeks),breeding mice of cockroach,creating spider webs around..

But here I'm today to clear all those things,cause I'm back to my blog!Hahaha~
Sorry to all my faithful readers,felt I disappointed you all,cause everytime when you all came here with a hope of keeping yourself updated on what's happening around me,and in the end what you see is the same,not-up-to-date blog.But no worry,here I'm to break the ice~~

Hmm...where should I start?
Well,let me just update on myself these few days.I'm now back to Alor Star,finished my fourth semester in INTI-UC.Next sem will be last sem at INTI,before I fly to US.Quite bored actually at home,but then I'm happy to be home.At least I can enjoy all those spectacular,nice,sweetest food at my town.Then,meet up with my family,and friends.Oh,looking forward to this month too cause I'm going overseas,haha...

As I said,I just finished my fourth semester.That semester was an enjoyable sem.I don't know why,I just love that sem.Maybe because of short sem,and there are a lot of crazy moments together,trips...etc.And my birthday was celebrated on that sem too,so for those who haven't wish me happy birthday,well I accept late wishes,so 55 text me or drop a comment here to wish me ya~Haha...

If you want me to update what's happening on that sem,then I think I will need a day to write it.So if you want to know,just ask me personally.But then I can tell you,I enjoyed the sem very much.And now I'm 19,teenage years almost over d T_T..haih..

Well,that's it for today,I will try my best to update the blog every week. =)

Monday, August 10, 2009









2 Gatherings =)

Hey ya,I'm back to Alor Star lu!^^
Second day and third day after I came back,I have some gatherings with some friends..=)

First gathering I go with Joo Anne,Jin Wee,Sze Jing,Yoong Yik,Cheng Wee and Chloe. We have a dinner at UNO cafe,Alor Star Mall.
Joo Anne, she is gonna fly off to indon soon.Yer,gonna miss you a lot wo >.<

Jin Wee,another friend came back from Russia.Haven't met him for almost ady.And u see his hair,so long ady...haish,miss him too!

All my friends =)
Ling long my shepherd, and cheng wee =)
Second gathering with Yi Wen,Ee Ling,Yeong Jia,Rou Shuang,Yan Wei,Jin Wee and Khey Jenq.Picture above shows the 4 girls =)
Here are they =)

Another post with me but without Yi Wen.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Song Of The Day










Repeat 5x #

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dinner with gang of good friends + supper after ER.

Hey hey hey,I'm back I'm really in the mood of blogging.
Anyway,I'm so happy today after going out dinner with good friends. Previously when we often go out together,I don't feel excited.However,as everyone is busy with their ow things, we seldom have time to go out together after that. Today is the first time we come out together since last March I think. Haish, how long is that...

Anyway,let me introduce my gang of friends whom I love so much:

Half way of going to have our dinner at Auntie Jenny.Out of sudden,I went in front of them and take a photo.Dear caught me and she got to take her post^^.Sorry ya Kok Hoe, Xiao Hui blocked your face. Haha,and I noticed ah ruey also making a post!?What so exciting wo ah jian!? =.=

We reached Auntie Jenny and ordering food. I'm so in dilemma looking the menu, don't know which meal I should choose,aiks...everyone is looking at the menu, besides that Chao Yuan, no idea what is he doing. LOLZ! And what so funny again Cen Ying?

Wah, Chao Yuan fed Kok Hoe. Come on lar, you both wan gay don't gay at here la please. =.= Later ppl complaint nia. And do you realise someone also looking on the camera? Hahaha...who leh who leh?
Next I want to introduce 1 by 1 all of them.
Dear~ Fion ^^
Jason + half of Boon Jian =.=

Ruey Jye (act cool >.<)
Motherly Meyven ^^
Bala =)
Fair lady Joanne ~.~
^^V Xiao Hui ^^V
Cen Ying (the one who took the most NG) =.=
Kok Hoe (is that a matrix post!?) 0.O

Smiling Chao Yuan =)
Me of course.
After the dinner, we went back. However, Fion, Bala and me have INTIball's event review. So, gotta attend the meeting after dinner. We have our event review at SAO's council room. We review until 10 smtg...quite late actually...
Then, Fion, Bala, Ben, Alex, Seng Kiat and Me went to supper at Bistro Palma
From left: Bala, Fion, and Ben (my beloved leader) ^^ at Bistro Palma.

Alex and the people beside him is Seng Kiat. Quite blur la this picture,haish...
Ya,they are fun too. Ben ate a lot lor!!!Haish, but cannot blame him la. He skipped his lunch and dinner lehz.So pity!!
Anyway,it's a happy day...more blogs to come hopefully ^^

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Underwear Commercial

Haha,out of nothing,I found out his video suddenly. It's quite fun when I watch back this video,it's really funny lar thinking back of this "commercial".It's taken in INTI penang, and it's one of our ESL assignment. We came out with our little "Renoma" underwear commercial. Well,what's about? Why dun you click the "play" and check it out!?

Emo Day!?

Yay,finally I have time to update my blog ady,hahaha...
So happy lehz,thanks to TSY la actually,asked me update my blog..

Anyway,today I don't know what happened to me lehz..
Felt so emo today,hmm...don't have mood to study at all,although test is coming..
Haish,need to slap myself,and wake up dy!
Nevermind la,I know myself,it only happens for 1 night.When i wake up tomorrow,everything will be fine.Hahaha...
No more EMO!!!

Anyway,wanna share with you guys what I have been doing lately:
Well,I will kick off with the Youth Camp 4,organised by STACT Club.
Fist time participated in the Youth Camp, quite fun actually,because I participated as a facilitator. The group I lead that camp was "Green Days". All the campers are very cute lar, especially Sock Ying and Li Guan.Haish,then others also very smart and handsome, like the picture below:

The camp is really fun, and to actually lead 12 form 4 & form 5 campers are not easy.Hahahaz..but then they are really good and obedient,and my group leader got the best leader lehz. A good faci brings a good leader ahr! =P
After Youth Camp, of course there are still many events going around. But dn worry, there are time for playing also. Like this picture, one of my RC's friends is taking part in a singing competition. Then we went to support him. This is the people who went to support him, and very sampat wan lar! In front of the stage, everypeople is so nervous about the performances, and we are playing with camera. Damn Sampat la!

After that, we had our "回乡",which means going back to the place where we had our rural camp last time.This is the event which I was most looking forward to. This is because this camp brought me a lot of memories. Of course, I wanna meet all the campers again. This is one of the picture taken.

Then of course my k-sis did come. The one to my right is one of my k-sis,named YY.Haha,then the most right one is Yong bin, with his k-sis on his left.Coincidencely,my k-sis and yong bin's k-sis are sibling wo.Wakakaz,complicated relationship lehz?Hmm...and you know what,everytime when we took photo,someone will always disrupt us!I don't know who is that "someone",do u know him!?
This is the 8 people who organised the "回乡",and we had been putting a lot of effort in this event. "八仙" is what we called for this 8 people.Can you spot me!?Sure u can,right!?

Back to INTI, recently something makes me very irritated. In this picture,do you see something hazy in front there?You may ask is it mist or something!?But let me tell you,no!!This is what happened after fogging. Oh I absolutely hate fogging,especially during dinner time.Why not they do it during morning time, where most of the people are not around?I don't know,i felt someone should complained about's really affecting people's health, although it helps to kill Aaedes mosquitoes.
And oh ya, recently I fell sick!Haish, I hate to be sick, everything I cannot eat,and I feel so helpless,can't go to class,can't shower,can't do anything but sleep and take medication.So,immune system,please help me to defend all type of diseases!!Be strong!

Ok,I will stop here,be sure to wait for more blogs...=)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Genting Trip with Friends...

Genting trip yet again...
Yeap,I have been genting for many times ady,but everytime there will be different feeling with different people..
This time I went to genting with Jason (2nd time), Ah Leow, Chao Yuan, Xiao Hui, Yu Chen and Boon Jian.It's a nice trip...below are the pictures taken:

All the people that went to genting, including me...

Change view,change...

Cable car up to genting?Scary?Nah!
We are nearly there...wohooo^^

Waiting for our booking number at First World hotel,so sIENz,have to watch Mr.Bean so it's not that lame..

Starbuck Coffee..wohooo,I want one!

0711 ady,and our number is...
0741!OMG,One hour waiting and it's still 30 numbers to go...
Oh finally we get our number...let's go back to hotel room lo!

After resting,let's go out lo!

Stomach beating drums...time to have dinner at Pizza Hut..
After dinner,we are going to do something crazy,first time I did at genting...guess what!?

We imitate the people behind us..All the post are imitated!OMG...So crazy la & so sia sui nia...

Praticing Kungfu!?

Next morning,let's go outdoor theme park lo,and let's play play play...with elephant =.='''

Don't forget to take pictures wo...We Won't!
Why Yu Chen sitting there alone!?
I like this photo..dunno why!?

Won't stop taking pictures,ya!?Even at escalator...Lolz!

Xiao Hui are you ok!? >.<
Feeling calm...
And feeling not calm....LOLZ!
A view of genting...with mist all over around!
Spin around...but still we need to take pictures no matter what it takes..
Me & Yu Chen too of course,haha...
Go Kart game..I got a pretty bad car,damn slow!!!
It's getting dark,but still we are at outdoor playing. This is my first time I'm playing outdoor when it's already dark!The space shot was the highlight of our night. Jason, Yu Chen & Boon Jian had thier first try,and most of us played twice. It's damn nice,with the view at night...spectacular!
Our last play of the night, the smaller roller coaster!Don't forget to take picture too!
It's dinner!?Nono,we had marrybrown for our dinner,but this is picture taken at Starbuck!So,that means we had supper here at Starbuck.Wohooo~nice...Chao Yuan and Boon Jian treat us because they are the big winners during our gambling in BLACKJACK. I manage to win a little thought,wakakaaz...

Then the last morning at genting, we had our breakfast~some food were wasted..
Finally, 7 of us are in the pictures. The only one that includes 7 of us, do you realise that!?
Everyone is tired...waiting that we can go back...
That's our genting trip. Tiring,but it's definitely fun. Darn,I still can't upload my RC photos cause I haven't get it yet. But next up will be all the RC photos. Can't wait to upload it here and share with you all....
That's all for today...=) Have a pleasant days everyone ^^