Monday, August 10, 2009

2 Gatherings =)

Hey ya,I'm back to Alor Star lu!^^
Second day and third day after I came back,I have some gatherings with some friends..=)

First gathering I go with Joo Anne,Jin Wee,Sze Jing,Yoong Yik,Cheng Wee and Chloe. We have a dinner at UNO cafe,Alor Star Mall.
Joo Anne, she is gonna fly off to indon soon.Yer,gonna miss you a lot wo >.<

Jin Wee,another friend came back from Russia.Haven't met him for almost ady.And u see his hair,so long ady...haish,miss him too!

All my friends =)
Ling long my shepherd, and cheng wee =)
Second gathering with Yi Wen,Ee Ling,Yeong Jia,Rou Shuang,Yan Wei,Jin Wee and Khey Jenq.Picture above shows the 4 girls =)
Here are they =)

Another post with me but without Yi Wen.