Sunday, June 8, 2008

Interesting semester break

Heyya,nice to be back.These few days I have been busy doing something important,so I'm sorry I didn't update anything here.Hehez,so how's the week?I have been having a short holiday last week.It's really a holiday,because I have been very realaxing for the past few days.No worries,no homework,no pressure,just games,tv,chatting,online bla bla bla...Lols,sounds like i rot in home.Maybe i should add more preservative to me huh?

Anyway,it's been a great holiday.Erm,not in term of fun,but I learnt a lot of things and lesson this week.Well,i just participated in the INTI blast camp organised by INTIMA.Although I'm not participant,but being a helper is quite a great "job" too...After being unofficially appointed as a "cameramen",I have been catching a lot of photos...great photos.Hahahaz,especially the water wars and the night stalk.Hmm...the night stalk is quite a interesting event.It's just a bit dissapointed that the effect is not there.Maybe it's not dark enough.If it's held at the old campus,then it may be a different one i guess,hahahaz...

Well,it's sunday now..and I still didn't do any homework now.Aiks,so lazy to do any homework now,because I'm still in the holiday mood.Aiya,why not the holiday extend more?Hahahaz,just kidding la.School should reopen already,and I should be going to class already,or else I'm just going to rot more and more at home.Moreoever,tommorow going to face the mid-term exam's result.Argh,quite scary!I don't know whether it's good or not.One more thing that bothers me....Whether I should continue HSC,or perhaps change to ADTP/AUP?Argh...still confusing with it...However,my answer will be clear after this week.Hopefully i will make the wisest choice.

That's all for this blog.Gonna prepare for the class tommorow.Good luck guys and have a nice week;-).

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Farewell My Best Friend,My Brother!

"Goodbye,my friend! 我的朋友,再见!"

It's always sad to bid a farewell to a friend who is leaving for his further study.Moreover,he is my best friend I ever had,and now he is going to USA for his further study.There are many things I want to say to him,but when I come to him,my mind was blanked.Honestly I tell you guys,I am kinda those sensitive and emotional guys,so if one day I will sob in front of you because of some sensitive issues,please don't be suprise.Well,I knowed him when I was form 4.That time we were destined to be in the same class for 2 years.Frankly,i didn't know too much about him,and I am confused with his name actually,because one my friend's name is the opposite of his last two name.So,i thought that he was a girl when the first time I heard it.( Don't get angry if you are! )After that,I am shocked to know that he is also a prefect too.When I was form 3,i didn't know too many people in the board.So actually he didn't give me a lot of impression.But when it came to form 4,a lot of things happened which makes me know more and more about him.He is the kind of person,who like to do "yeng yeng"..In class,he loves to act cool!Sometimes really cannnot "tahan" him.But then he had a wide knowledge which impressed me a lot!Sitting beside him is quite a pressure I think,but I am not sitting beside him,hahahaz.He is well known as "old fox" in the class,why?I think you have to ask him personally...And he has a very bad habit!Lols,i better shut up for this,or else tommorow headlines I will be there...(however if you want to know you can ask me personally)
Actually the time we had in class didn't give me too much memories.It's the prefect board that gave us the nicest memories of all.When we was form 4,many people somehow called it as a "honeymoon" year!But I don't think we would labeled it as our honeymoon year,because we have been busy making activities,doing projects,having interviews etc.Only the people in board will know it.Projects like teachers' day,prefect's day,orientation day etc. left us a lot of fun!Ohya,talking about orientation day,he's actually my foster brother.We had a lot of fun,making fun on our so call "dad" and "mum".However,after prefect's day,everything changed.We were both appointed to become a higher council in the board.He's higher of course.Based on the post he hold,he had to be very serious!So all the day in board,you seldom saw him laughing.(Scary,wooo...)And you still remember the people who I mentioned who had the opposite of his last two name?Hahaz,coincidencely both of them are partners.So it's so fun to call their name!Then the end of year,the training camp!The phrase "I want complete silent"(I want to make some noise,you choi meh?)...lols,it is still clear in my mind.Then the campfire night,the act,the gamblers,the dance,the OC etc.,it's such a nice event.
Then form 5!The hardest year in secondary school.During form 5,We and some frens always get together.I know he can't "tahan" with my "non-stop laughing" habit.If someone or something stimulate me to laugh,I would laugh non-stop,and sometimes irritate the people beside me.(paiseh!)Thank you for your patience!Then the last activity of the board : Training course! The best activity yet again.The deepest impression I had on that activity is that...lols,I "cry"!so did he!Lols...(emotional people,duh!)Then after retired from board,we had to fight for SPM!His result was always good,mine?still okok la!(humble?)And yeah,we had a trip to Jit Sin High School.It's quite nice to travel there,making new friends,and then went to penang's prangin mall,eating sushi king!Lols,I still remember what we ate!(He odered cha soba)
After SPM,we thought that both of us are going to seperate.Initally,I was thinking of going to Taylor's College to take its A-level.Then,he decided to go to INTI main campus in Nilai.But after sometimes,coincidencely,I turned to INTI International College Penang,and so he was!So...HSC,here we go!He took English,Maths 2U,economics,IPT and business study.I took English,Maths Ex1,3 sciences.Both of our path were different!Then later in campus,each of us met new frens,and he even met his "princess" there!(Asyeh!)
SPM result came out,he applied for JPA,and he got it!Now,He's going to INTI main campus in NILAI to take AUP for 1 year.After that,he will fly to america for his further study!
I don't know what I should say,but the best thing is to wish you all the best in everything you do!
Who is he!?He is Marvin Lee Lin Wai...
I should say.....
"Goodbye,my friend!我的朋友,再见!"