Thursday, January 15, 2009

1 Day Trip To KL and Kajang

Today (11/01/2009) I woke up pretty early. I'm going KL with frens again..
Jason miss call me early in the morning...and I woke up unwillingly..took my bath and went to meet them.
The people who were going to the KL & Kajang trip included : Fion, Jason, Ruey, Joanne, Cao Yuan, Cen Ying, Xiao Hui, Bala and me =)
Reached Times Square around 11.30am. Then, the first we do - make our belly's drum silent. We went to a restaurant called "gasoline". First time went to this restaurant!

Ordered Sky Juice (GASoline)!

Everyone is in the photo besides Jason (He is the cameraman!)

From Left : Ruey, Cao Yuan, Jason, Me
Of course Jason & Me (photo maniacs)
Fion & Me (argh I hate my spec)
Lemon chicken rice. Lunch I had!

At Berjaya Times Square With Ruey!

We went Berjaya Times Square, Sg. Wang & Low Yat. We spent most of the time at Low Yat cause Cen Ying wanted to buy a laptop n hp. I had a sore leg after 5 hours of shopping..Never shop that long before. After 7 hours of shop, eventually we left Low Yat and headed back to Kajang. Kajang is our main destination actually for that day. Kajang sate is our main dishes! The sate was delicious, but we walked quite a distance just for the sate. zZz..After sate, we went back Nilai. The trip was quite tiring, but it's fun because I went with so many friends =) No regret!

Sis Wedding

Last time I have beeen wondering when will sis marry. But now here it is, she is married! Supposingly I should be happy for her, but it turns up that I feel a bit of upset...(can explain why!?)

Anyway, sis wedding is a memorable one.
Cause as dad said...四喜临门

Maybe a few years later, I will hear people calling me "叔叔" ady...
OMG, I feel so old!!!LOLZ...

姐姐和姐夫 Sis & his husband

一家人的照片,上图来个正经的,下图来个不正经的! Formal & Informal =.=

My New House

Sorry to all my beloved readers for failing to update anything lately..
Anyway, here am I again, ready to post up the blog that I should have post it earlier...
I will start from my new house..
Awww...finally and officially move into new house =)
Below are some pictures of my new house, however I can only stay in my new lovely house for 4 nights.
Why!?Because Nilai is waiting for me...zZz...

First Night,I slept here..Oh I miss the bed! This room suppose reserve for guest. But I don't care so much, 1 night for me >.<

We have a house warming the next day. Invited many people to our house. This is the dining place!

The view from the living room!
Kitchen =)
Living room...
Up to 2nd floor, and 2nd living room.
My room. I miss it so much >.<
Up again to 3rd floor!
3rd floor suppose to be the office/working area, but it's still messy now.

That's all I can share...;-)