Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mixed Mood with Mixed Matter

I put my glasses on the table,grasp my eyes and make a yawn - preparing to sleep.
But since I'm playing my TT player,and the songs still have half to go, so I let it play until it finish before I officially get to my bed.What a wrong decision to be - cause I can't go to bed earlier now.
While I let the songs play free,I went to surf some people blog - mine included. Then I surf Mei Ting's blog.Wah,ppl went to Australia ady,so syok hor there.Then I saw how happy she was,I feel a sudden kind of happy and touched.Okay,now let me turn my feelings to words now,because now probably I can express myself the best.If I were to write it tomorrow,then the feelings will be all gone - and since I havent update my blog for so long d.

Okay,I guess I'm to write a long essay.
Well,let's started of from Mei Ting blog may ask me why happy lehz?
Erm,I dunno,when someone is happy,honestly and sincerely I do feel happy for him/her.
She & her bf so lovely,see ady I oso envy nia><>
Nola,that's not the point I want to say,I just feel that,actually...happiness really matter the most in this world.
Ya i know Sze Yun what you want to say...

Hmm...I'm quite a perceptual person.
I don't cry,I get touched by something easily.

Something I don't realise when I'm at home.
But I realise it now at college.
Last friday my parents went to Kuala Lumpur,and I went to meet them.
I'm so happy to meet them, although it's just 1 1/2 month since I last meet them.
Then they brought me eat ho liao!Although not some sort of "luxury food" such as abalone/shark fins...but grilled fish is very nice!!!Oh I want to eat again....Oh by the way,I'm food lovers...Do you love food?Because I LOVE FOOD!
Ok,then I got to enjoy many great food on friday,saturday and sunday.Of course I won't miss our My Assam Laksa!Loving it Loving it!
Oh I may take a break here and let's about...FOOD!!!

I went to Old Town Coffee with my aunt and mum.Then mum & me ordered a white coffee (GAO). Order number is 102 ahr if I'm not mistaken. Wah, you can't underestimate how GAO is it leh..Because this is my first try,so I thought it's should not be that saturated as I will imagine.But the first sip cancel out my assumption. OMG!really GAO la!one sip will cause...cause...what that scientific term d har!Opposite of osmosis wan!Aiyar,i forget dy,haven't study bio for a long time dy,many term forgotten lo. Icy white coffee at old town coffee,tested at Sunway Pyramid,worth a try and it's as cheap as RM 3 I think. But if u cant stand saturated drink,please don't try wo!!Then later that night,I went to Pavillion,and there's when I went into Food heaven. For those who went to Pavillion's food court before,can you imagine how big that Food court is!?OMG!Mata Rambang la see all those food!Nasi Lemak,Mee Jawa,Assam Laksa,Curry Food,Char Kuoy Teow,Little Wok,Sizzling Noodle,Claypot Rice,Chicken Rice,Grilled fish etc etc etc. OHH MYY GOD!How am I going to choose!?I feel I'm bad you know?Cause when there's not enough variety in the food,I complain.When there are too much to choose,I also complain.Oh come on lar,I'm not singaporean citizen.Hehehehehe....

At last at last,my cousins ate char kuoy teow. My uncle ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang.Wah.....gouli nice lo!!!Then dad ordered Jawa Mee & Assam Laksa (sure for me and my bro d lar),and then I ordered grilled fish with rice (picture below).FOOD TALKS! Oh u know my mouth is flooding now?But at the end of the day...I still love penang food!HAHAHAHA...

To mum & dad:
When I'm at home,I don't know the love you gave me.But when I'm at outside,I felt it.Thank you so much for the patient you gave me,the love you gave me...I really love you all.

Ok probably I will need to stop talking about food d cause I know your mouth will be flooding too.Hmmm...let's talk about the school events happening here. Recently we had a lot a lot a lot of activities.The picture above shows Student Forum held by INTIMA Service Cell. Then there are some other major events such as Orien Night,Amazing Tace,Sports Fiesta & INTI Inter College Skill Challenge held recently.Too bad I didn't join any of those sports event!Aiks Aiks...
Oh ya,recently played a new game. Left 4 dead!RECOMMENDED GAME!!Nice Nice...althought it's quite violent to be honest.

14th of February...Valentine's Day!As you know,nothing special for me today.It's just like going out with friends again this day.I went out with Fion,Bala,Chao Yuan,Meyven today to celebrate Valentine's Day.Too bad Chao Yuan need to handle his gf thing,feel pity for him la...Nvm la...we have our own celebration here.

Someday near the end of febraury,We went to Mid Valley lo(again....) to celebrate her earlier birthday. 12 people went to celebrate her birthday.She should be very happy lar.Then we went to Kim Gary restaurant...I had a very good time there,but had a bad time as well (cause I suck at bowling,haish........)

From left to right : Cen Ying, Fion, Me(damn ugly), Joanne, Say Khuan, Boon Jian, Chao Yuan, Ruey Jye, Bala (main character), Meyven , Xiao Hui.
Cameraman : Jason.
FUN PART gone,now here come the SUFFER PART!Yea,from all the previous photo,I may look very relax & free.No!This is not the case...1st. Tests. Wa lin eh...every week oso have test wan lo...Assignment...Each week will have at least 1 assignment meeting...Homework..infinity...and now recently I joined Rural Camp (RC),tudioooo....lagi cham lo.Every day at least sleep at 2am!But don't worry,I won't have insomnia or sleeping disorder,cause as soon as I touched my bed, ntg will wake me up =) But I'm glad that I joined Rural Camp. Yea, it costs a lot of my study time, but I believe I will learn a lot from this camp.I'm so happy to meet my tuan kang zhu!!!
5th or March - Bala birthday. One more time, we give her another suprise.OMG!She is so touched until her hand shakes.Hahaha...she received a teddy bear lu....and then here we Mafia until 2pm!!Huhu...
Ok la...share so many things ady, time to end ady...I still have a lot to say actually but times don't allow me. see it'a 5 d...
Time to go to time I won't leave my song half-play d!!