Saturday, December 27, 2008

New House (Sneak Peek)

Heyz again...
Well well,first of all,I want to apologise to Ms. Sze Yun cause I wasn't able to update my blog yesterday.Sorry to tell you that I fell asleep. Hahahaz... I'm going to show you all my new house (Wohooo....)
But just a quick look,cause it's not fully done. It's still renovating...ALMOST DONE!
Well, some afternoon I will follow my parents to new house..helping them to clean up the house.
Everything need to be done before 30th of December, cause 31st will be my sis wedding, so house is needed!
Therefore, we are rushing everything! Sometimes quite pity all the workers there oso ><

Below are some pictures:

Thanks to all these workers, our house can be officially done on time =) 牺牲小我,贡献他人的精神值得佩服!

Picture took from the front (night time). Nice!?

Living room.

Another view of the living room

Lights on!

These are just some pictures taken by me. When it is all done, then i'll post all the pictures up here =)
Well, it's 25th of December. So suddenly thinking of becoming Santa!LOLS,weird right!?So,I went to buy some chocolate for my bro and my cousins. My bro will get a racquet from me,since he wants it. Then my cousins will get chocolate. WOW!
Yep, the cadbury chocolates - for my cousins, racquet - for brother. They have prezie,I dun have T.T
Anyway,next few days I'm going to post up my own "Review Of 2008 Year", looking on all my ups and downs this year starting from January 08' to December 08'. All the sweets and bitters will all be revealed.
~ Chee Yang ~

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Usual Christmas Eve...


Merry Chirstmas ~~~

Merry Christmas everyone!
Well...although it's christmas,not even a little of christmas atmosphere here!
Imagine where am I last year today...zZz...

Anyway,it's still ok for me today because I attended my mum's frens christmas party today..
Ate lots of nice stuff there....really full >.<
Then enjoying the environment there

My mum's fren house!Quite nice ^^

Swissland preparing us food =)

Ya i know my camera sucks,but this is a blur image of the place there ><

We left there about 10.25pm.Then I went to meet my frens at Old Town. Lin Wai(Marvin), Cheng Han, Sze Yun, Kee Tuan were already there waiting for me!When i reached there, they asked me to treat them. ZzZ, so bad lar...anyway,we have a great chat there, but the christmas countdown was bad. Know what do we do to countdown!? Take a ride on the alor star city...SO LAME!OMG! Kee Tuan brought Sze Yun & Me went jalan jalan a while before sent us home...

Sze Yun at old town...she said she ugly!?Bluff =P

Lin Wai & Sze Yun..

Kee Tuan listening...
What is that!? Firework!?

Anyway it's quite lar, but as I said, it's an usual christmas eve again...
~ Chee Yang ~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is coming...

Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas everyone~
Jingle bell jingle bell...

Christmas is coming...what a nice festival it proved to be as most of the people likes it.
I like christmas too,as somehow it gives a warm feeling,where i will always imagine I'm leaving in a small hut,where it's snowing outside.The hut inside is well decorated with colourful bulbs and christmas tree.
That's quite weird for me,but that's my imagination.When christmas is coming,this picture will automatically show up in my mind.
However,it will be quite a boring christmas for me this year (I expect) because there will be no any celebration this year,not as last year (although it's not that enjoyable at last).
Hmm...actually I'm quite acclimatised with it...every event seems like normal day to me!
BUT...I want a brand new year next year....

Santa Claus,I don't want any present in the socks.....
I just wish that you can help me to make my wish come true =)

Anyway,I want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas too...

I wish you a Merry Christmas ;
I wish you a Merry Christmas ;
I wish you a Merry Christmas ;
And a Happy New Year .

~ Chee Yang ~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Photos From The Alumni Night & Others...

Photos Are Here!
But I believe there are still more which I still haven't get it.
Nevermind,I will show all the photos I have now..

First of all, the photos during my staying at penang..

Adeleen & Weei Foong at ADL dad's house.

Me & Weei Foong...
What so funny actually?I don't know..

Playing UNO! I win it!?

Setting up thier become one-night-princess!
After setting up her hair...on the way to ysq's house.

Reaches at ph's house, everyone is busying with thier things...and it's late ady!!!

Peng Hooi drive us to copthrone hotel that day!

Day after the Alumni Night...
At gurney...eating my lunch at "King Of Bah Kut Teh"
Reached adeleen's house!YSQ lazing there!

FOK,u doing...?

Look like photo album?

The photos at alumni night...
Song Qiang (One of the best match winner), Zi Yi, Me ^^
Li Tee & Me (my standing post a bit wierd) =.=

Weei Foong & Me (still weird) >.<
Wah,so many friends! Smilez everyone =)

What ya guys doing!?Anything inside!?

My 招牌笑容 with Peng Hooi & Jun Chuen!swt~

Wah,leng lui & leng zai!? hahahahz..

YSQ, what so interesting beside there!? Camera is here lah,duh =.='''

More friends, love them so much >.<
Doh Wei & Me ^^

Kai Kin (DOTA pro ka!) & Me

~ Chee Yang ~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

SOSAM Alumni Night Dinner 08'

It's great to post up blog again,hehez..
Just went back from penang today.Feel tiring,but it's been very nice..
Yea,I attended an alumni night dinner at copthorne hotel,penang yesterday...
This dinner was open to all the previous HSC students and lecturers..
So it's great to meet up all my old old classmates/friends there...

Well,it's been a great alumni night,and to be honest,this is the first alumni/prom I have attended so far..
And everyone was like wearing gown and coat, looked so formal and nice ~.~
Well,we took a lot of photos of course during the alumni night!
So I'm still collecting photos from my friends,so maybe I will upload all the photos few days later. =)
Below are some pictures where I have now...

Shiong Qi,Weei Foong & Me

Song Qiang,Me,Peng Hooi & Shiong Qi

People at the same table during dinner =)

More photos will be uploaded and also photos during my stay with ad,wf and outing with some friends =)
~ Chee Yang ~

PBOKH Training Camp 08'

Training Camp!

Yepz,it's the training camp again..
It's nice to be back to my high school cause I haven't stepped in there since SPM result was announced that day...
But,it's strange to be back..I feel I'm the stranger there,many of the faces I didn't know..(sad!)
However,to meet my old friends there,it's great!
And to share our passion to juniors is even greater.
Below are some pictures taken during the campfire night...
These are part of the pics from my hp,more to get from friends =)

Oh my old friends,miss you all so much.Muaks!!BTW,are you all promoting handphone?

Sue Wah & Hui Fen (both become leng lui ady lu >.<)
Hui Fen & Me ^^V

Xuan Kai & Me (still that 逍遥自在)

Fourple-X and double-X (from left to right: Siew Suen/Me/Yet Ching/Kao Shong)

Sue Wah & Me (tudi,your hair so long dy lu!)

Joolin & Me =) (First-X & Double-X, hair oso long dy lu >.<)
~ Chee Yang ~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last Glance Of My Old House

The view of my house from the front.

Closer view from the front.
My mum's car (Car I usually drive)
Side of my house.
Mum & Bro. House is messy!

Dad. View from inside to outside
House almost empty ady...Bro lazing around!
Nothing ady,back there is the place to was clothes.

Used to be the place I study.Now there's nothing!

Stair to 2nd floor.
Masteroom.Nothing again...

My room...again,nothing but a small table beside there!

My sis room!

Place to wash clothes!