Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Movie + 林宇中签唱会

Hey Hey,finally I got to online,thanks to my uncle's streamyx.
Absolutely loving it =),now I can update my blog again ^^

Well,I'm going to update some events that happened few days before.
First of all,interesting...

Day : 26th Of January
Venue : Alor Star Mall

Today My bro & I were like very boring staying at home,so I have decided to bring him for a walk..
Suddenly,I think of Alor Star Mall newly open cinema.
So,I asked my bro whether he want to go watch Madagascar 2,and immediately the answer I got :"YES!"
Therefore,later I bring my bro to Alor Star Mall to watch Madagascar 2!
We reached there at 3pm.Then we bought 4.15pm's ticket,and go for a walk...

The newly open cinema at Alor Star Mall

Time for movie,of course can't forget popcorn & pepsi =)

It was a nice movie. We enjoyed it thoroughly,and it's quite funny!
After the movie, we went to my sis and her bf's stall to take some box (needed to keep our things at old house)
Then, my sis told us that 林宇中 will have a mini concert at Alor Star Mall at 8pm.
When my bro heard it, he told my sis he wanted to come.
But too bad, we had to go back, and it's almost 6pm, so I thought the chance of coming will be quite thin, since we are now busy packing our things.
But when we got back, my bro told them about the concert thingy and suprisingly my dad asked us whether we want to go...And yet again...another big "YES!"
So after bath,off we go to A/S Mall again...
We arrived there at 7.15pm. Then, we went to sis' stall and wait for 林宇中 arrival.
My sis told us that he will be coming out from a "exit" door...she used to see any artists/singers coming out from that door. So, advantage to her!Haha...
We chat + wait...wait...wait...until 8.10pm.Then we saw "汤小康". Haha, although he is there waiting for 宇中 ,but no people seems to know him! =.='''...
My sis told us that he will the MC for that night... LOLS!

林宇中 arrived ady,we saw them coming our from the door! But again,no one seems to recognise him...OMG...
He went straight to the dressing room..
So we knew he was there, we rushed to a place which was near the stage.
That time,it's loaded with people...>.<

Minutes Later...
He came up to the stage and introduce us 宇中new album..WOW,cheers around ^^

Then a couple words of introduction later,he called upon "林......宇.....中......" to the stage.

林宇中 is here!He start it with his new song: 干物女

Clearer pic of him =) Camera around...

Audience: I want to shake ur hand!

Second song: 远远

Third song: 改嫁

After his second song, they wanted to call some fans up to the stage, maybe for some event. First,they called a girl from the middle of the crowd. Then I was like feeling fun to raise up my hand,so I raised up hand (Thinking that I will not be choose anyway) But nothing was certain!Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately),I was being called up to the stage by 宇中.OMG!!!I was thinking "Oh My God!"....But then I braced myself...and up to the stage. (I still can't believe I walk to the stage until now) Later, they called another girl from the far side of mine place. So, both of them interviewed us. I was the third people to be interview. I was soooooooo nervous on the stage. So whatever the question they ask me, I gave them short answer! Haish.....really too nervous ady! Then later,I was being asked me which song of 宇中 I knew. I said 改嫁...and I knew the next sentence he is going to say ---> sing that song!!!"OH MY GOD" again appear in my mind!Singing in front of so many crowd!?That's crazy!But then yet again,I sang!BUT....I sang wrongly (too nervous I think)...OMG,the moment I think of this scene,I wanna hit myself d.I forgot the lyrics!Fortunately,someone helped me by taking the lyrics for me. Then, I sang it...with "melodious" voice...bluek!Too exaggerated ady!I managed to finish the chorus part! (Another scene which I couldn't believe I have done that!)
The third girl that sing other song, she got the winner among 3 of us anyway...(clap)...the most left is 林宇中. Really close contact with them >.<

Then, we got some consulation price from them, and the winner got a spectacles! After that, it was finished. I was so glad I can went down the stage....Nervy nervy nervy ~~~~ Then,my sis told me she saw me on the stage.She was shocked to see me on the stage...and then,she heard I sang on the stage. OMG!!!My bro too,was shocked when I was called upon the stage....HAHAHAHAHAHAZ!!!
So Paise lehz that night...but it's a good experience, since I never stand with a artists that close...huhu,and able to sing his song in front of him,shake his hand. Although he is not my big fans, it's still nice too. This is the 2nd time I watched his mini concert at A/S Mall...
P/S : 宇中,希望你的“干物世界”专辑能卖得畅销,加油!还有,我不会再忘词了!
~ Chee Yang ~


xuxu said...

so nerveous?
x pah lar..
next time when u wanna sing,
i bring banner to support u..

Anonymous said...

you think that wen kang can be 汤小康 ???

yang90 said...

what do you mean?

jason said...

wah 林宇中 le haha
my idol!!!