Saturday, December 27, 2008

New House (Sneak Peek)

Heyz again...
Well well,first of all,I want to apologise to Ms. Sze Yun cause I wasn't able to update my blog yesterday.Sorry to tell you that I fell asleep. Hahahaz... I'm going to show you all my new house (Wohooo....)
But just a quick look,cause it's not fully done. It's still renovating...ALMOST DONE!
Well, some afternoon I will follow my parents to new house..helping them to clean up the house.
Everything need to be done before 30th of December, cause 31st will be my sis wedding, so house is needed!
Therefore, we are rushing everything! Sometimes quite pity all the workers there oso ><

Below are some pictures:

Thanks to all these workers, our house can be officially done on time =) 牺牲小我,贡献他人的精神值得佩服!

Picture took from the front (night time). Nice!?

Living room.

Another view of the living room

Lights on!

These are just some pictures taken by me. When it is all done, then i'll post all the pictures up here =)
Well, it's 25th of December. So suddenly thinking of becoming Santa!LOLS,weird right!?So,I went to buy some chocolate for my bro and my cousins. My bro will get a racquet from me,since he wants it. Then my cousins will get chocolate. WOW!
Yep, the cadbury chocolates - for my cousins, racquet - for brother. They have prezie,I dun have T.T
Anyway,next few days I'm going to post up my own "Review Of 2008 Year", looking on all my ups and downs this year starting from January 08' to December 08'. All the sweets and bitters will all be revealed.
~ Chee Yang ~


xuxu said...

really nice..
bila nk ajak pi ur house lim kopi?