Sunday, December 14, 2008

PBOKH Training Camp 08'

Training Camp!

Yepz,it's the training camp again..
It's nice to be back to my high school cause I haven't stepped in there since SPM result was announced that day...
But,it's strange to be back..I feel I'm the stranger there,many of the faces I didn't know..(sad!)
However,to meet my old friends there,it's great!
And to share our passion to juniors is even greater.
Below are some pictures taken during the campfire night...
These are part of the pics from my hp,more to get from friends =)

Oh my old friends,miss you all so much.Muaks!!BTW,are you all promoting handphone?

Sue Wah & Hui Fen (both become leng lui ady lu >.<)
Hui Fen & Me ^^V

Xuan Kai & Me (still that 逍遥自在)

Fourple-X and double-X (from left to right: Siew Suen/Me/Yet Ching/Kao Shong)

Sue Wah & Me (tudi,your hair so long dy lu!)

Joolin & Me =) (First-X & Double-X, hair oso long dy lu >.<)
~ Chee Yang ~