Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Photos From The Alumni Night & Others...

Photos Are Here!
But I believe there are still more which I still haven't get it.
Nevermind,I will show all the photos I have now..

First of all, the photos during my staying at penang..

Adeleen & Weei Foong at ADL dad's house.

Me & Weei Foong...
What so funny actually?I don't know..

Playing UNO! I win it!?

Setting up thier become one-night-princess!
After setting up her hair...on the way to ysq's house.

Reaches at ph's house, everyone is busying with thier things...and it's late ady!!!

Peng Hooi drive us to copthrone hotel that day!

Day after the Alumni Night...
At gurney...eating my lunch at "King Of Bah Kut Teh"
Reached adeleen's house!YSQ lazing there!

FOK,u doing...?

Look like photo album?

The photos at alumni night...
Song Qiang (One of the best match winner), Zi Yi, Me ^^
Li Tee & Me (my standing post a bit wierd) =.=

Weei Foong & Me (still weird) >.<
Wah,so many friends! Smilez everyone =)

What ya guys doing!?Anything inside!?

My 招牌笑容 with Peng Hooi & Jun Chuen!swt~

Wah,leng lui & leng zai!? hahahahz..

YSQ, what so interesting beside there!? Camera is here lah,duh =.='''

More friends, love them so much >.<
Doh Wei & Me ^^

Kai Kin (DOTA pro ka!) & Me

~ Chee Yang ~


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