Saturday, July 10, 2010

Greatest Appreciation To Dr.Health

Before I start,I want to give my greatest gratitude and appreciation to Dr.Health. Because of your blessing,my family,my friends and myself have the good health we are having.

What is health? Are you healthy enough? Do you lead a healthy life?

Frankly speaking,I don't lead a healthy life.I tend to stay up until quite late in the night.I barely exercise,and sometimes I will skip my breakfast.Well,I believe most of (if not,part of) teens like us tend to lead an unhealthy life (stay until late in the night although we have nothing to do).But have we ever think that what is the consequnces?

Short term consequences:
- Sleepy and dizzy, Can't concentrate properly, Not having proper meal, Tend to sleep longer, Get angry easily, pimples popping out, Become more lazy, Weight Increasing etc.

Well,even all of the consequences mentioned above,what about when you get older (long term consequences)?

Have you ever think of your health during old age?

Few days ago,when I went to my grandma house (mum's side),I realised this thing everytime.My grandma is still so healthy!She can move easily,cook,talk,and sometimes even go for wedding dinner and vacation.I was thinking,WOW!By that time,our son and daughter have the ability to earn money,and if we are healthy enough,we can actually enjoy a lot of things.Conversely,what if we are not healthy? (even we are rich) Can we go yumcha with our friends? Can we cook anything we want? Can we go anywhere we want? Can we even walk with ease?

Therefore, 健康永远都是人生中最珍贵的财富. Without it, even we had the most money in the world,what is the point?

So,I am very grateful to my state of health at the moment.And I pray hard....that everyone will be bless with good health.

I need to change myself for a starter.
Thanks Dr. Health!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Wallet

Yo! yo! yo! I'm back..

Wallet?Haha...what is so interesting about my wallet?
Haha..actually nothing much,but just wanna disclose something about my new wallet.

Firstly,my mum bought me a wallet,n it looks like ahhh pekkk wallet!
Haha,at my first sight I really feel like it's so uncle like..But then as time goes by,well...looks fine to me.Well, it suits my dad more,hahahaha...

And another thing,one day when I opened my wallet,I saw a very familiar photo was placed beneath the transparent plastic.I was so shocked as I din place the photo there,but IT WAS THERE!So I bet someone must have look my wallet.n ya!IT IS MY MUM!Hahahaha...I guess she had seen all the photos...malunya~~~

I have a lot of fren's photo inside the wallet,and cash,coins,driving license,cards and some chains...

Huhu...anyway,going to add more things in my wallet!But definitely not coin zzz...
BTW,I got my new I/ more 12-years old faces!!hahaha..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel for Nigeria Defeat (WC)

Hey,I'm back again!!

Yesterday I wanted to post this entry up here,but then I was too tired,so I delayed it until now xD Hope you guys don't mind =)

Well,another usual day for me. Anyway,I decided to bring my brother to pizza hut that night, to treat him larr..since he never went to pizza hut for quite a long time..
Okay,that's for advertisement purpose,PIZZA HUT please give me some commision for promoting it here ya xD
We went to the 24 hours pizza hut & KFC restaurant near the bridge there.The environment there is quite nice actually (cos it is new?),but the only thing to complain > TOILET! So damn dirty!

Anyway,the main focus of this entry today is to share with you guys one of the match in Group B: Greece vs Nigeria.

Score: GREECE 2-1 NIGERIA. GRE GOAL: Salpingidis 44' , Torosidis 71' NIGERIA GOAL: Uche 16'

In fact, the score does not show the whole story.It should be a comfy match for Nigeria until S.Kaita was shown the straight red card on the 33rd minute!That is really a stupid act from Kaita and he costs his nation to a defeat.

Well,by saying that,I feel for Nigeria defeat because I don't think Nigeria deserve scoreline.Well,the red card card decision was spot on by the referee,it is just great performance from the Nigeria,especially their keeper - Vincent Enyeaman. If he is not the keeper of the day,I fear that Nigeria may conceed even more in their previous match against Argentina and this match. They can actually win the match even they are down to 10 man.

My man of the match in this match: Vincent Enyeaman.(Worth a nomination)

This is the man- Vincent Enyeaman. If you see the repeat against Argentina,he actually saved a lot from Messi bombardment towards goal.If it wasn't him,I don't think it will be only 1-0. Then against Greece, he is awesome!The first goal by Greece was a deflection,can't blame him.Well,the second he conceeded was the result of constant pressure from Greece. GREAT KEEPER!

The turning point of the match - Straight red card to S.Kaita.
At this stage,Nigeria was down 1-1,and most right Nigerian player in this photo has the chance to tap in into the empty net to make it 2-1 for them. But too bad,he missed it!

This was the header from Samaras,and what a save by him...this was the save a few minutes before the 2nd goal from Greece.

And too bad,pressure won!He made a mistake and Greece score...
Well,from the table,Nigeria still stand a chance to qualify into the next stage.BUT ONLY,if they win against the South Korea and Greece lose to Argentina.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Brother & I

Well,nothing much to blog these few days,but have been spending with my brother while my parents went overseas.So,I was thinking of blog about him and me in these few days.

Anyway,after I came back from KL,I became much more relaxed.Well,the first reason,I had my visa done,and now I just need to make some decision and get my air ticket booked.

Well,my parents went overseas for a few days,so basically I am right now with my brother at home.It's been a great time together,since I know how to drive,I can drive him to tuition,go lunch and dinner together,then visit grandma house.At home,we play games together,watch TV together,chat together,it's been really an enjoyful time.Well,sometimes his disobediet did make me headache a bit,but he still behave well.

Our routine everyday is like >>>
He wakes up first, and turn off the light before go to bath.
Then my turn after he bathed...
Later (depend on the time),we may watch some TV first before we go for lunch (that's the most headache part-to decide which place to take our lunch)
Then,back home or visit grandma.
We did go for a movie few days ago -->>> KARATE KIDS! Aiyeerrr,sad lar,didn't really enjoy the movie,because we sat on the second row,so i had to tilt my head up,and it was so damn painful after the movie,it made me spin...NEXT TIME NO MORE FIRST 5 ROWS FOR MOVIE!
Afternoon at home > Online..TV..Cycle..Watering the plants..Feed the fishes..Read..
Night at home > Dinner (Yep,I hate deciding places,let my bro do the job)..TV..Study(my bro la of course)..World Cup..Online...Sleep.

Pretty relaxing actually,ahaha...
Love it!

That's all for today. =)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A week of rojak feelings

Yo,I am back again.. Phewww,have been busy this week...

Wonder when can I blog again,and I have plenty of time to blog..^^
Well,it's been ups and downs week for me...One day can be very frustrating and stressful, while another can be relaxing and calm..

Probably you are more to the question...why frustrating? why stressful?
Oh,well I will tell you why later and it is all related to ~~~~~~~>>> Nothing but settling my pre-departure to United States.
Anyway,I went back to INTI last monday- 31st of may (that is why I can't blog)
The reasons I went back there were to submit my scholarship application form and finalise my university thingy..

So I reached LCCT in the morning,took skybus to KL sentral and monorail to Berjaya Times Square.
Had my breakfast at KFC.Oh,I just realised KFC offer a set which is quite cheap,ideal for breakfast (not too full)
Then uncle came to fetch me and wewent to Comissioner of Oath to certify something before went for lunch.
After that,uncle brought me to the Great Eastern tower so that I can submit my scholarship application form.

First time went to the Great Eastern mall. Nothing actually...but then it is great for those people work there..

After submitted my application form, I planned to meet up with swing,mana tau she din reply the plan "bancuh sup"..and thus,my uncle fetched me to Bdr. Tasik Selatan station and I took KTM back to INTI,Nilai.

It's great to be back to INTI.But too bad,I can hardly see any familiar faces..T.T..On my way to Chao Yuan room,I only saw Louis...the rest were like stangers to me >.<...maybe I was the stranger there!? >0<

Then reached "lao da" room and saw his "LC" face...we started to LC each that feeling.

Time for dinner...Jason,Chao Yuan,Kok Hoe and I went for dinner at Uncle Tan. Aiiyyyooorrr...pity lar,CY could not meet his dream girl..then after dinner, we went POOL and CC. it a lot lar..No study pressure,just plaaayyyyy!!!I felt bad actually...because of me,they have to accompany me.After CC,Lyence fetched us to Old Town for YUMCHA..绑牙,anyone? xDDD

Chao Yuan and his 丝袜奶茶. Can any people tell me why it is called such name? idea...
Jason and his favourite post..
Kok hoe and his KOPI-O.Haiyar...he always love to do all those geli punya posttt...lick coffee?
三眼仔?No la no la...he is 绑牙仔...with 3 specs
Don't mess with me when I have a knife at my hand!Not even when u want to treat me with an OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE if u made me angry xDDD..You don't like me when I am angry..
Shy shy o?Lyence..我知道你刚绑完牙,牙齿很整齐!
Then on the way back...every people started to act weird.At first,I did not know anything about the "绑牙" issue...until Lyence told me. "Hai me gong gong" (made me blur) listening to you all...Then lyence went drunk..drove 3 rounds at the roundabout, and act awkwardly..Chao Yuan kept on "diao" people...even the car passed by.Jason...wanna fainted dy,after that 3 rounds.Hard to imagine right?
Then when we reached INTI,we gone crazy.We went to what we called "taufu street" and kacau those couple. I could not stop laughing when Lyence actually parked at the place where a couple is paktor-ing there..He said he wanna park in-and-out...adjust the car...just to kacau that couple. Really funny and cute lar..
Then 4 of us walked and joked along the taufu street. Really enjoyed that moment lar..Just can't stop laughing..You can ask them..After that, we sat down at a place,and suddenly a girl came and chat with us. Guess what happened?
LOLZ...she was followed by a stranger (a black guy) and she did not know what to do. Luckily,she saw us and came to talk with us. That black guy then left..and only she was relief then. We chatted a while, and out of sudden, Lyence remembered that girl..they were classmates =.='''
Ok,a day of laughter...after that went back to accompany lao da play GTA pulak..played until 3.30am..**yawn**

Next day > Nothing much,I went to settle my university thingy and finished it in an hour,got my recommendation letter that night.Everything was ok =)

Then, we (CY,Jason,Lyence and 2 girls- Li Teng and Carolyn[do I spell it correct?])went to KL the following day.They are attending the they are now preparing for it.Mask...necklace...shirt...coats...ties...everything that are necessary for that night. JUST TO LOOK SMART!=) Too bad I could not attend this time...
Well,Lyence is not attending INTIball,but then he was buying a formal shirt for himself.Looked smart isn't it?More like staff xDDD
Had tea-break at Shi-Lin.Thanks to Jason,I can have few bites of the fried chicken xDDD
SHOPPING...SHOPPING...SHOPPING...and sushi king..and time to go back.
WHOOPPPSSSS...Bad luck strucked again..this time the victim was Chao Yuan.The parking ticket was lost after we paid at the auto-pay machine. Could not find anywhere and eventually he had to pay RM35 for the lost ticket.Haihh...

The next day,I went back to KL to meet up Valerie and HSC friends.Reached Nilai KTM Station and first time I witnessed an empty station..WOW!Usually this place was filled with people,people and people.But it was empty that day...worth a sharing xDDD

BUT!!!Guess what,the commuter came 40 minutes later,and by that time,it was fulled of people...=.=' no difference...=(

Then, met Valerie at Mid Valley.Well, she brought me to Petaling street for Nice foods. Great Chee Cheong Fun and Hakka Mee...and it's cheap!Thanks Valerie,I never went there for lunch actually xDDD..then we went to IOIO mall..and treated me soya bean ice cream.Hahaha...chatted a while before she fetched me to Sunway Pyramid for another gathering. Well Valerie,gotta improve in your driving skill..was quite afraid actually when I sat your car =)

The next gathering was to meet up with HSC friends > Cheng Han, Zi Yi, Lun Xiang, Weei Foong, Adrienne, Kai Kin and Kevin.
It's a great gathering since we never meet each other for 1-2 years.But everyone still remain the same xDDD

OKAY..the enjoy part came to temporary stop.Now came the frustrating part > VISA!

The next few days were all about VISA..On friday morning,my parents and I woke up early in the morning,because my interview will be started at 10am. And due to my carelessness, after breakfast, I had to go the Comissioner of Oath to certify my Affidavit Of Support.GREAT!!Guess what I met? TRAFFIC JAM!We finished breakfast around 8.30am at Cheras,and managed to reach Pandan Indah on 9.00am.And to my great horror,the office did not open!!Luckily,there was another nearby and I got my document certified.By that time,it's 9.20am!Stucked at traffic jam again...and my heart pounded!!Hated the traffic jams in he big city...I could not do nothing but looking anxiously on the clock and the immobilise traffics >.<

Managed to get there on 10.10am.Luckily they still allowed me to enter..when I got into the embassy,I thought everything was gonna be fine.Well,I was destined not to get my visa aprroved on that day.The officer there told me that my photo did not follow the specification(the background color is too dark), and she had no other choice but to ask me to come another day >which is Monday!

Damn,which means that I have to wait for another 2 days,and I have to go back to the same place again..sigh!!Was fuming on my carelessness!

Anyway..the next day,my parents brought my brother,cousin and I to malacca for holiday. Not a good time to go isn't it since it was public holiday. After checked in,I went to take photo again at the bridal shop,because most of the photo shops were closed,and although I did find 1 photo shop opened, they did not provide white background on the photo.(AND THE BOSS IS SO DAMN LANSI,wanna slap him) The photo costs RM80,shitty expensive..but no choice..=(

After I got the photo on CD,I still need it to get it done from photoshop.But the traffic jam was preventing me from getting to the photoshop.Really fuming...on fire!!

Eventually I got it done..and we had our lunch around 3pm =.='''.After some rest, we went to visit Jonker Street, ate a lot of great food there...only mood got better.

The next morning, we went back to the Jonker Street again to try the famous Cendol.
Jonker 88,they said this is origin of the cendol malacca.
Nyonya Assam Laksa + Cendol = Delicious!

After that, we went to walk at the Pahlawan street..before we went back to KL.
I thought we were going back my uncle home,but again to my great horror,we were going Sg. Wang..
OMG!Went there for the third time in a week...gonna familiarise with that place soon.

We did go to Pavillion after Sg. Wang..And it's full of ballons there...If you can see the big ballon at the middle court there, they were actually having games and rides there.

OFFICIALLY back to uncle's house at 8pm!Phewwww...was tired..and the next day,visa interview again..amituofo amituofo,hoped that I can pass the interview.No more mistake...

And went on smoothly on the next day and I got my visa approved!!That's the positive things I can took out from all the frustration and stress I suffered.But then I should take part of the criticism..due to my carelessness,causing all those unnecessary frustration.

After the interview,I went back Alor Star..and reached yesterday...

WHAT A WEEK!!!Hopefully I can get some rest after a stressful week..xDDD

Well,this blog is getting bored isn't it?So I might well stop here...
Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, May 30, 2010


12 days to go (30/05/2010)

I'm excited on this coming World Cup. Everytime I watched TV, many advertisement will sometimes related their product to football. Most of the people are going football fever..including me..Now with Astro HD,watching football is even more enjoying xD

Well,my favourite team > England!!! Hope england can get thier second world cup medal and trophy after a long wait since 1966. It's been 44 years...and they should end thier thirst now under Capello lead.

Basically if I will to choose the starting 11 for England,this will be my staring 11:

My England starting 11: Green...G.Johnson...Terry....Ferdinand...A. Cole...Barry(if he fits)/Gerrard...Lennon...Lampard...J.Cole...Crouch...Rooney.

Anyway,all the best to all the teams that are going to S.A.

Champion I predict will be either Brazil or Spain and team to watch are England,Spain,Italy,Germany,Argentina,France,Netherland.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just a short entry today...

Ya lar...these few days may be busy because I want to settle my visa application, air ticket booking and scholarship application. After everything is done, then I will be more free to update more here..

Actually I have many things to share here, but every night when I have partially finished doing my thing, it's already quite late and I am sleepy, therefore, too bad lar...

But I will keep track of my blog lar, since I will online everyday...

Don't worry, I will not disappear from my blog anymore xD xD xD..
P/S: Wesak Day case I may not have time to update any entry in the next few days...