Saturday, July 10, 2010

Greatest Appreciation To Dr.Health

Before I start,I want to give my greatest gratitude and appreciation to Dr.Health. Because of your blessing,my family,my friends and myself have the good health we are having.

What is health? Are you healthy enough? Do you lead a healthy life?

Frankly speaking,I don't lead a healthy life.I tend to stay up until quite late in the night.I barely exercise,and sometimes I will skip my breakfast.Well,I believe most of (if not,part of) teens like us tend to lead an unhealthy life (stay until late in the night although we have nothing to do).But have we ever think that what is the consequnces?

Short term consequences:
- Sleepy and dizzy, Can't concentrate properly, Not having proper meal, Tend to sleep longer, Get angry easily, pimples popping out, Become more lazy, Weight Increasing etc.

Well,even all of the consequences mentioned above,what about when you get older (long term consequences)?

Have you ever think of your health during old age?

Few days ago,when I went to my grandma house (mum's side),I realised this thing everytime.My grandma is still so healthy!She can move easily,cook,talk,and sometimes even go for wedding dinner and vacation.I was thinking,WOW!By that time,our son and daughter have the ability to earn money,and if we are healthy enough,we can actually enjoy a lot of things.Conversely,what if we are not healthy? (even we are rich) Can we go yumcha with our friends? Can we cook anything we want? Can we go anywhere we want? Can we even walk with ease?

Therefore, 健康永远都是人生中最珍贵的财富. Without it, even we had the most money in the world,what is the point?

So,I am very grateful to my state of health at the moment.And I pray hard....that everyone will be bless with good health.

I need to change myself for a starter.
Thanks Dr. Health!