Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Wallet

Yo! yo! yo! I'm back..

Wallet?Haha...what is so interesting about my wallet?
Haha..actually nothing much,but just wanna disclose something about my new wallet.

Firstly,my mum bought me a wallet,n it looks like ahhh pekkk wallet!
Haha,at my first sight I really feel like it's so uncle like..But then as time goes by,well...looks fine to me.Well, it suits my dad more,hahahaha...

And another thing,one day when I opened my wallet,I saw a very familiar photo was placed beneath the transparent plastic.I was so shocked as I din place the photo there,but IT WAS THERE!So I bet someone must have look my wallet.n ya!IT IS MY MUM!Hahahaha...I guess she had seen all the photos...malunya~~~

I have a lot of fren's photo inside the wallet,and cash,coins,driving license,cards and some chains...

Huhu...anyway,going to add more things in my wallet!But definitely not coin zzz...
BTW,I got my new I/ more 12-years old faces!!hahaha..