Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel for Nigeria Defeat (WC)

Hey,I'm back again!!

Yesterday I wanted to post this entry up here,but then I was too tired,so I delayed it until now xD Hope you guys don't mind =)

Well,another usual day for me. Anyway,I decided to bring my brother to pizza hut that night, to treat him larr..since he never went to pizza hut for quite a long time..
Okay,that's for advertisement purpose,PIZZA HUT please give me some commision for promoting it here ya xD
We went to the 24 hours pizza hut & KFC restaurant near the bridge there.The environment there is quite nice actually (cos it is new?),but the only thing to complain > TOILET! So damn dirty!

Anyway,the main focus of this entry today is to share with you guys one of the match in Group B: Greece vs Nigeria.

Score: GREECE 2-1 NIGERIA. GRE GOAL: Salpingidis 44' , Torosidis 71' NIGERIA GOAL: Uche 16'

In fact, the score does not show the whole story.It should be a comfy match for Nigeria until S.Kaita was shown the straight red card on the 33rd minute!That is really a stupid act from Kaita and he costs his nation to a defeat.

Well,by saying that,I feel for Nigeria defeat because I don't think Nigeria deserve scoreline.Well,the red card card decision was spot on by the referee,it is just great performance from the Nigeria,especially their keeper - Vincent Enyeaman. If he is not the keeper of the day,I fear that Nigeria may conceed even more in their previous match against Argentina and this match. They can actually win the match even they are down to 10 man.

My man of the match in this match: Vincent Enyeaman.(Worth a nomination)

This is the man- Vincent Enyeaman. If you see the repeat against Argentina,he actually saved a lot from Messi bombardment towards goal.If it wasn't him,I don't think it will be only 1-0. Then against Greece, he is awesome!The first goal by Greece was a deflection,can't blame him.Well,the second he conceeded was the result of constant pressure from Greece. GREAT KEEPER!

The turning point of the match - Straight red card to S.Kaita.
At this stage,Nigeria was down 1-1,and most right Nigerian player in this photo has the chance to tap in into the empty net to make it 2-1 for them. But too bad,he missed it!

This was the header from Samaras,and what a save by him...this was the save a few minutes before the 2nd goal from Greece.

And too bad,pressure won!He made a mistake and Greece score...
Well,from the table,Nigeria still stand a chance to qualify into the next stage.BUT ONLY,if they win against the South Korea and Greece lose to Argentina.