Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Brother & I

Well,nothing much to blog these few days,but have been spending with my brother while my parents went overseas.So,I was thinking of blog about him and me in these few days.

Anyway,after I came back from KL,I became much more relaxed.Well,the first reason,I had my visa done,and now I just need to make some decision and get my air ticket booked.

Well,my parents went overseas for a few days,so basically I am right now with my brother at home.It's been a great time together,since I know how to drive,I can drive him to tuition,go lunch and dinner together,then visit grandma house.At home,we play games together,watch TV together,chat together,it's been really an enjoyful time.Well,sometimes his disobediet did make me headache a bit,but he still behave well.

Our routine everyday is like >>>
He wakes up first, and turn off the light before go to bath.
Then my turn after he bathed...
Later (depend on the time),we may watch some TV first before we go for lunch (that's the most headache part-to decide which place to take our lunch)
Then,back home or visit grandma.
We did go for a movie few days ago -->>> KARATE KIDS! Aiyeerrr,sad lar,didn't really enjoy the movie,because we sat on the second row,so i had to tilt my head up,and it was so damn painful after the movie,it made me spin...NEXT TIME NO MORE FIRST 5 ROWS FOR MOVIE!
Afternoon at home > Online..TV..Cycle..Watering the plants..Feed the fishes..Read..
Night at home > Dinner (Yep,I hate deciding places,let my bro do the job)..TV..Study(my bro la of course)..World Cup..Online...Sleep.

Pretty relaxing actually,ahaha...
Love it!

That's all for today. =)


Jonnel said...

Didn't know you have a younger brother and you are a good brother to him until I read this post. Paisei...I have always thought that you are the youngest. XD

So, have you booked your ticket? When is the flight?

How's the movie "Karate Kid"? (the story, not the sitting place. XD) My friend said it's too long-winded so I didn't watch when I have the chance to watch.