Saturday, April 18, 2009

MAPCU Chess Competition

Location: IMU
Date: 11.4.2009 (Saturday)

This is my worst chess competition I ever participated, in term of performance. Horrible result! I never experience such result lehz! T.T

The game is played in group based. 1 group consists of 4 people(3 boys,1 girls),and each people is assigned to eacho board. I was assigned to first board, swt...first board are usually all the pros, and yea, I definitely got beaten, harshly!

6 matches played,guess how many match I win!?

1st match - LOSE (Time pressure + Disadvantage on chess pieces)
2nd match - DRAW (Time pressure - the most relieve and most frustrating game I ever had. I am winning the match,but just one step of blunder and follow by another step of wrong-moved,turn the game around,and in the end,I have 1 king against 1 queen,1 king.Basically I was playing for a stalemate/draw,and in the end,I do get it. It's funny if you ask me how I get that draw.)
3rd match - LOSE (Low concentration + Blunder - technically in good position and should have win by material but 1 blunder is enough to blow my chance away. Fastest lost I had.)
4th match - LOSE (Low concentration + VS another team of INTI UC)
5th match - LOSE (Time pressure + Opponent rating 1800 - The most interesting and enjoyable game I had. Ya, I lost, but I lost the game happily, consider his rating is high, and I lose due to time pressure.
6th match - LOSE (Tired + Blunder - Another low concentration performance.) it means that I drawn 1 match and lose the other 5?
Yes,it is! That's why I said it's the worst chess competition I ever participated.Haish...
1. My chess really deteriorated ady.
2. Insufficient sleep last night.
No,have to change this fact!Gotta improve ady!I never went to a competition where I have not win a single match!

Anyway,the trip to the venue there is quite nice too.
Met some new friends, got a chance to look how IMU looks like...
Then met Weei Foong and Shiong Qi there..
After the competition, went back to INTI again and prepare for exam lu^^.

Weei Foong & Me.
Shiong Qi and Me.

Thanks Shiong Qi for your phone camera. Nice to meet you guys again...^^

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy VS Sad

Hey Hey,I'm sorry i don't update my blog often.Actually I'm quite touched when some people still care that my blog don't get updated. At least it tells me that some people still care on looking my blog. So thanks for y beloved readers. In cantonese : doh jeh sai~

Anyway,today no picture..too sad!Sorry lar,because I din have any pictures to share lately. But I can tell you what I basically do this few days/weeks. Study of course,attending class,go CC play l4d sometimes,go supper,play dota on garena,busy with rural camp,and keng gai lo.So basically nothing much to share la..

What I'm going to do today is share a topic. Happy VS Sad. Exam/Final is just around the corner, so I'm sure you guys will be receiving internal marks ady,or maybe if you start to study ady. Do you feel depressed when you start to feel like "Oh My God,I can't finish my study ady.What can I do?I'm going to die..." or maybe "What the hell am I doing in the test just now?I'm going to fail in my exam?" or perhaps "I should have get better for that score!". Well,whichever thinking will always lead to one result...sad,or in another word,depress! Well,that's fairly normal because people expect themselves to score better result! Expectation is high! But when the expectation is high, let's assume if you fall on a subject, probably you will get so depress that you think your future will be destroyed.

Well well, why not try positive thinking in counter of those thinking? Why not try these thinking "Well,I'm going to calm down,read as much as I can,and don't get stress up.If there is problem,I can always consult my friend/lecturer." or maybe "It's not I don't do well,it's just the exam paper is hard.Well,my friend says the paper is hard too." or perhaps "I will do better next time in order to balance my bad result." Isn't that thinking better? It may sounds that you are actually lying to yourself, but it will definitely makes you feel happier, or at least, you don't get upset easily. Why make you life miserable when you have another alternative choice?

I had get back my Microeconomic's internal marks today and to be honest, it's not good at all. However, I don't feel upset as I would last time. It's not that I don't care about my result anymore, but will the result change because I upset? Nope. So why upset? It's useless...You know what I think when I got my internal marks? I start to arrange my strategy.."OK,can't aim for A now, so let's go for B+ now.I'm going to start finding ppl to teach me micro, score better in the final." And that's it! (actually I do feel envious for the people sitting beside me,hahaha...). Another example will be the time when I watch my favourite football team. Well, if my favourite football team is losing, usually I will be very upset,don't talk a lot,and you can see there's "acid" around my face. (Ask my friends and family) But then, what I found out myself is that recently, even when they are losing/not scoring...I can still laugh...while my other friend keep on scolding "F..F..F"!

So, do feel happy. Happy makes u healthier, it makes your life better, and you won't feel everything is against you. I can do it, so why not you? =)