Saturday, May 31, 2008

Newbie starts here!

Heyya,nice to post my first blog here.Hahaz...I purposely open this blogger,so that i can share everything and my thought here.Lols,please make this site as it is yours,because this site was created not only for myself,but to everyone,so just free to do everything u want.

Well,let me introduce me further,I am currently studying at INTI International College In Penang,taking HSC course.Many people will ask what's HSC..a bit sad!HSC means Higher School Certificate.I'm taking 5 subjects in HSC,there are english,mathematics (extension 1),3 sciences (biology,chemistry,physics).The course is quite hectic,because it will end this end of the year.It's only a 10-month programme,so there are many things to do in this short period.Assignment comes,projects comes,group work comes,tonnes of homework need to be done,and piles of exam are awaiting us ahead.However,I'm quite happy that the mid-term exam had just passed.I have been busy studying....STUDY!Now finally I can relax more..

But not much,after next week,School will reopen,and my worst nightmare yet to come.Argh,i dare not to think further.However,let's face it,I'm gonna work hard for HSC!It's the passport i needed,so that i can enter a better UNI,and pursue the course I wanted in a better condition.

Anyway,i wish all my friends can stay healthy,stay cool and be happy always.All the best in everything you all do!Yay!!!