Sunday, December 14, 2008

SOSAM Alumni Night Dinner 08'

It's great to post up blog again,hehez..
Just went back from penang today.Feel tiring,but it's been very nice..
Yea,I attended an alumni night dinner at copthorne hotel,penang yesterday...
This dinner was open to all the previous HSC students and lecturers..
So it's great to meet up all my old old classmates/friends there...

Well,it's been a great alumni night,and to be honest,this is the first alumni/prom I have attended so far..
And everyone was like wearing gown and coat, looked so formal and nice ~.~
Well,we took a lot of photos of course during the alumni night!
So I'm still collecting photos from my friends,so maybe I will upload all the photos few days later. =)
Below are some pictures where I have now...

Shiong Qi,Weei Foong & Me

Song Qiang,Me,Peng Hooi & Shiong Qi

People at the same table during dinner =)

More photos will be uploaded and also photos during my stay with ad,wf and outing with some friends =)
~ Chee Yang ~


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